Qudo has developed an innovative solution for persistent crying in young babies. The Qudo Soother™ is designed to deliver therapeutic relief through its patented teat design, to calm babies & parents. With new parents in UK spending £3bn in baby's first year, Qudo are fundraising to launch into this growing market.

  • Baby Products Association Concept & Innovation Award finalist 2021
  • Designed by experts, tested with babies, patents awarded in EU (inc. UK) & US and second pending
  • R&D started on Product 2 thanks to Innovate Edge UK RTOCatapult Grant
  • Proudly researched, developed, and soon to be manufactured in the UK


Founder, Nicky Bateman, has developed a science-driven, innovative solution designed to help solve persistent crying in young babies. As an experienced paediatric Chiropractor & Craniosacral therapist she has seen hundreds of distressed babies with stressed parents struggling to find effective solutions.

The Qudo Soother™ has a unique teat with specific shape, angle & density to softly rest on a baby’s upper palate to naturally relieve tension. A small clinical study in 2019 showed it helped 73% of the 26 babies surveyed who were suffering with persistent crying, colic, reflux & general discomfort.

The mental health of parents & carers diminishes rapidly when their baby is persistently crying, contributing to postnatal depression in 1 in 7 mothers & 1 in 10 fathers/co-parents.

63% of the 60 parents surveyed say their babies suffered from persistent crying. 10 year average UK birth rate is 773,410, that’s an estimated 494,046 babies suffering a year!

We have patents awarded, endorsements by healthcare professionals and a proven need. In the UK parents spend on average £11.5k in baby’s first year & worldwide baby products market is valued at $158bn.

We are now fundraising to start UK manufacturing, with an aim to launch in Summer 2022 and plan to continue R&D on product 2.

Join us at the start of our mission to make families lives brighter by solving the problem of persistent crying.


The Qudo Team - The expertise and personal experience is the driving force behind their commitment to Qudo. All are dedicated & passionate about the product & business potential, feeling Qudo has all the ingredients of a truly disruptive and iconic, global brand.

Nicky Bateman, Founder & CEO. With over 20+ years experience as a paediatric Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist, this innovation came from treating hundreds of distressed babies & realising available solutions were not solving the problem. Her expertise & passion to solve this problem has spearheaded Qudo’s development.

Jonathan Callcut - Advisor. Jonathan is a businessman & entrepreneur who has led and grown businesses including founding, running and exiting his own start-up in the digital content market. He helps new ventures launch, grow and scale. He steers the business development for Qudo.

Alice Tsang - Finance Director, Advisor. Alice has over 30 years working in blue-chip multinationals at Senior Finance level-FD/CFO/Director.

Rowan Gerrard - Comms & Ops Advisor. Rowan has run her own businesses over the past 15 years. Focusing on SME's business development, marketing & communications to maximise potential.

Marina Cheal - ​​Marketing Director, Advisory. Marina is a board-level marketer with over 25 years experience across D2C, B2B, B2B2C and marketplace. Marina has helped develop the go-to-market plan for Qudo.