Reef Knots is a direct-to-consumer menswear brand inspired by the ocean and the summer, built on creative design, quality, customer service and a passion for sustainability. Launched in 2013, the business is profitable with 71% revenue growth and 108% online sales growth in the current year.

  • Founder led, innovative brand with focus on design and sustainability
  • £2 million of sales already achieved and more than 22,000 orders
  • Profitable business with 108% online growth in current trading year
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction with less than 5% returns


Reef Knots was founded by Patrick after being made redundant 2 days before having twins. He decided to walk away from corporate life and build a brand based around summer and the ocean. Summertime – all the time.

Reef Knots grew its reputation with silk ties and innovative print design but now sells products in multiple categories, including upcycled ocean plastic swim shorts and knitwear using 50% recycled plastic. We believe exceptional quality, innovation and sustainability runs through the range, with a rich pipeline of new products embodying the ethos.

Reef Knots has been an official partner of the Blue Marine Foundation since 2014.

The business is data-led, digitally focused and has been profitable since year starting April '14 with £2 million sold direct (£417k revenue to March 2019, P&L £32k) to more than 22k orders. Reef Knots has industry leading customer satisfaction with <5% average customer returns. The first 9 months of the current year (end March) saw online sales +108% and total sales +71%. Reef Knots has a store in Leadenhall Market, London. This is the first investment outside of the founder.

The growth plan includes:

  • Accelerating online sales through investment in digital marketing and DM with focus on lowering average CPA.
  • Expanding the product range to improve marketing response, retention/loyalty and LTV.
  • Investing in the core team and in-house expertise.


REEF KNOTS is led by founder Patrick Dudley-Williams, who is the creative and strategic heart of the brand. After a 12 year career as an equity fund manager at two US investment banks, Patrick decided to unleash his creativity and build a business rather than spending his time analysing them.

Patrick is supported by a talented and committed team including Rebecca Chapple, who leads the sourcing and buying of products, and Rory Symes, who manages the customer experience and retention. George Patterson is due to start near the end of the campaign to run our digital marketing effort and brings with him his agency experience of managing social media for consumer brands for Unilever.

John Hind is the Chief Operations Officer (part-time) at REEF KNOTS. John brings a wealth of experience to the business from his previous roles as CEO of Finery, CEO of ME+EM, and CEO of WE Fashion. John was also the Managing Director of Brooks Brothers (which launched in the UK) and spent 7 years at Arcadia in senior director roles.