Regemat3D develops bioprinters and bioreactors that allow researchers to print cartilage, meniscus, muscle tissue and spinal cord, with the ultimate aim of improving patients quality of life. 2021 Revenue reached: €890k and EBITDA €11k (Revenue CAGR 2016-21 grew by +36%)

  • Global bioprinting market is estimated to be worth approx $1.6bn by 2024.
  • Technology based in bioprinters and bioreactors
  • Collaboration project with Rovi Pharmaceutics (Market Cap €3.8bn)
  • The CEO is the first person in Spain to have a PhD in 3D Bioprinting


Born in 2015 to advance medical technology, developing living tissues such as cartilage, skin and bone to be implanted in patients. Aiming to solve issues caused by ageing, injuries or genetic issues.

Over 7 years we have developed two types of 3D bioprinters and two lines of bioreactors. A bioreactor allows the printed tissue to be physically tested before implantation.

Additionally, we created an international platform of 3d impression protocols ( where researchers from all over the world can share their printing protocols and acquire the biomaterials necessary to put such research into practice, a recurring income line for the company.

To date, we’ve sold 3d bioprinters to more than a hundred research institutions around the world, which, through the use of biomaterials, can now print, cartilage, meniscus, muscle tissue and spinal cord. Among our clients are University Hospital of Basel (Switzerland), Florida Institute of Technology (USA), University of Western Australia and l'Université libre de Bruxelles, ULB.

Independent reports (Markets&Markets 9/2019) indicate that the global 3D bioprinting market will reach 1.6 billion dollars in 2024 with a compound growth rate of 20.4%.

The purpose of this crowdfunding round is to finance the expansion of the company, by increasing its sales and marketing capabilities and continue to develop our technology.



CEO of REGEMAT 3D, Jose got a PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Granada, an MSc Engineering from Polytechnic University of Valencia, a TU Braunschweig, and an MSc from Oxford Brookes University.

He also founded BRECA Health Care in 2011 - one of the first companies implanting 3D printed medical devices in humans.


CMO at REGEMAT 3D. IT Engineer and Executive MBA in business administration with 12 years of professional experience in international business development and company growth.


CFO of REGEMAT 3D. Sergio is a qualified financial consultant with extensive professional experience in his field.


CCO at REGEMAT 3D. Attorney at Law with extensive professional experience as an external consultant to technology-based companies, and specialized in the development and implementation of compliance systems and ExO Consultant.



MD, PhD and Professor at the Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology at the University of Granada. He has received research awards, among them the I Prize for Health Research of Andalusia and the award of the Social Council of UGR.


PhD and Professor and Head at the Department of END Lab, Ultrasonics Group at the University of Granada. He worked at the NDE Lab at MIT as a Fulbright Fellow and NASA.