Rescape is pioneering the use of VR to solve challenges in healthcare and frontline services. Their DR.VR platform launched in 2019 can help patients reduce pain and anxiety in hospitals and care homes. Their proprietary content and modular platform has already been sold to NHS hospitals and to Serco.

  • AR/VR healthcare market to hit $30.40bn by 2026 with a CAGR of 42.4%
  • Studies have shown positive results of DR.VR helping pain and anxiety
  • COVID-19 creating multiple opportunities to help healthcare systems
  • Directors have previously founded and exited £multimillion businesses


Imagine a world where hospitals can reduce their patients' pain & anxiety with less reliance on drugs. Where blue light workers not only learn empathy but feel it and develop strategies not only to cope but thrive. Rescape is building the VR content & platform that can help support this, using our shareable, single- & multi-user VR headset solutions.

The AR/VR in Healthcare Market is predicted to reach USD 30-40bn by 2026.

In 2019 we launched and validated DR.VR, selling a yearly licence directly to innovators in hospitals, hospices, care homes & trained prison custody officers for SERCO.

In 2021, our vision is to turn these healthcare innovators into early adopters. Evidence is key & 2 studies have already shown positive results for DR.VR. Now, collaborating with the Centre for Trials Research, Cardiff University we launched

In a new COVID-19 world, we believe that Rescape is well set to solve new healthcare challenges. By 2021 we aim to address infection control, explore grants, faster research & new product opportunities incl refining the platform & further research biofeedback with the AI opportunities it brings.

As an industry, there are over 20 years of clinical research with 1000's of studies showing the opportunities for healthcare. Rescape is building on this body of work and believe we are well placed to be at the centre of it in the UK & globally.


Rescape’s team believe in “tech4good”.

Matt Wordley (Rescape’s CEO). Previously founded and built into a multimillion pound agency, TV production company and live music promoter. Led by Matt, the agency invested heavily into virtual reality from 2015 - including pro-bono work for Velindre Cancer Hospital using VR to help cancer patients get through MRI scans.

Quickly seeing the game changing impact of VR for healthcare patients, Matthew decided to form Rescape, with Kev Moss to join him as CTO/Product Development and co-founder.

Kev brought 20 years of digital experience managing multi-disciplinary teams including launching PlayStation Online as creative Director at Incline Media. With a strong commercial background having founded Incline Media and then sold to WPP in 2006. Kev combines creative and technical excellence with an astute business skill set.

Lead angel investor (in Rescape’s seed round) Andrew Diplock now acts as chairman and has brought extensive business experience across corporate & SME businesses including a successful business exit. He has assisted in building an agile and talented team of sales, technical development, financial and admin staff.

Through the collaborations with health, academia and support bodies, Rescape has a network of advisors and are formalising relationships with key individuals for next stages of growth.