RexQ is launching to become the UK’s first on-demand roadside assistance and breakdown recovery marketplace app, putting stranded motorists in touch with qualified independent breakdown providers. Having soft-launched the app in October 2020 and having proven the concept, they are now raising to roll out their service nationally.

  • On a mission to disrupt the outdated roadside rescue business: £1.8B UK
  • Designed to help customers save money & bring new revenue sources for mechanics
  • Launching an on-demand roadside assistance app which appeals to young drivers
  • Experienced management team focused on building a global roadside rescue brand


The Big 3 (AA, RAC & Green Flag) are well-established brands but they only offer annual membership cover. However, we believe that the new industry threat is a company that offers an on-demand, non-membership Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) service that is fully executed through an app, None of the Big 3 is able to easily pivot to mitigate this threat due to their operating model and dependency on nationwide physical assets, call centres, and staff.

Studies show that 44% of all motorists who have breakdown cover, never make a claim. Now that there is a model alternative in RexQ, motorists will have the option to stop their annual membership and save money.

RexQ aims to take a share of the UK's roadside assistance market, valued at £1.8b in 2018, with the global market projected to be worth in excess of $38b by 2028.

RexQ was founded in 2018 and bootstrapped by the Co-Founders. The app was released as a soft-launch/pilot into the Apple and Android app stores in Oct 2020, in order for the RexQ team to begin to prove the concept, test the app and learn the industry. We now have active rescuers who are able to support and service our customers across the UK.

RexQ are raising funds to increase marketing activities in five UK cities to enable full launch of the service. Funds will also be used to build the team in order to continue optimisation of the app and support internal operations.


Yuri Gandamihardja CEO (Part-time): Product Delivery, Investment, Business Development, Marketing

  • Experienced in IT and Digital delivery , Consulting background, Agile Evangelist. Formerly Accenture, RBS, and Direct Line Group.

Martin Leonard CTO: Technical Delivery, Operations

  • Previously worked in IT and Digital delivery, 10 years start-up experience, Founder of Startup Malta, Agile specialist & author of ‘Big Agile Toolkit’. Formerly Barclays, Barclays Wealth, Barclays Capital, Steria, Direct Line Group.

Ravi Tadikonda: Head of Engineering (Part-time)

  • Experienced in IT and Digital Software/Architecture background, AEM Consultant & DevOps. Formerly Oracle, Sun Microsystems, CMC and Direct Line Group

Surendra, Chaitanya & Pratap: Software Engineers

  • Background in IT and Digital delivery, Software & Architecture experience, React Native, JavaScript, Java, AWS.