RheEnergise’s experienced team of innovators have developed High-Density Hydro®, one solution in the predicted $ trillion energy storage market by 2040. HD Hydro's objective is to combine the low levelised cost of storage associated with traditional pumped-hydro, with the speed & scalability of battery solutions

  • Trillion-dollar investment in the storage market is needed for the climate crisis by 2040
  • Modelling suggests a 40% lower levelised costs than batteries
  • £823k seed funding validating key commercial & technical milestones
  • “This tech could turn small hills into giant ‘batteries’” World Economic Forum.


High-Density Hydro® is a grid-scale energy storage [ES] solution. It turns the supply of ultra-cheap, intermittent, renewable energy into stable & reliable electricity grids.

Excess energy is stored in tanks underground within small hills that can be found nearly everywhere, creating thousands of siting opportunities. Our research suggests that HD Hydro can be low-cost, fast to build & globally scalable with existing decentralised supply-chains.

The global ES market is growing & is predicted to be worth $620bn by 2040. The LDES Council forecast $1.5-3.0tr of investment in ES by 2040.

Nations are simultaneously transitioning away from fossil-fuels, creating incredible opportunities in short time frames, due to the climate crisis.

RheEnergise’s 2021 progress:

- Incorporated a 100% owned Canadian subsidiary due to the talent pool in Montreal & N. American market opportunity

- Validation of key technologies (inc. fluid) in progress

- Formulation science partnership with Greenwich University

- 3 trademarks, 2 patent pending filings

- Generated inquiries from interested parties around the world

- Further development of possible routes to market

- Received grants awards totalling £215k in 2021

Our biggest challenge is to develop fast enough to meet market demands

2022-23: 9 priority areas identified that we believe will deliver rapid progress leading to full-scale commercial projects


We set out to develop ultra-low cost, globally scalable ES solutions, in timescales demanded by the climate crisis.

Stephen Crosher, CEO: Track record in innovation & commercialisation across energy, property & retail

Graham Cook, CFO (Part-time): FCA, MBA, extensive experience as CFO/ advisor. Track record as CFO in high-growth cleantech: C-Capture (CCS), Yorkshire & Northern Hydropower, Eelpower (battery storage), Q-Bot (energy efficiency robots)

Dr. Tamas Bertenyi, CTO: PhD Cambridge, in decentralised energy since 2005 encompassing innovation, design & finance

Prof. Richard Cochrane, CIO (Part-time): Engineering Innovation, Assoc. Prof. of Renewable Energy, Exeter University. Chartered Engineer, Fellow Energy Institute, exceptional background in windpower, hydropower, solar & district heating

Jim Campion, Chair: Enercap CEE Fund: 350MW wind/solar. MD: BowmanPower & Biomass Engineering

Michael Roche, NED: Tributum Research. Chartered Financial Planner, serial investor

We aim to complete the development of a high-density, enviro-benign fluid (tested) into a closed-loop hydropower-like system, to store cheap renewable electricity until it’s needed.

Projects are buried which, we believe, could simplify planning & be faster to build with an est. 100k’s of sites available globally. We benefit from mature supply chains (pumps/turbines/pipes) & available sources for the fluid.