Game store on the blockchain



  • World's first PC game distribution platform utilizing the blockchain
  • World's first site that allows users to actually resell their games
  • World's first platform that allows gamers to 'mine' to get free top games
  • Available globally in 140+ countries

The opportunityEdit

World's first game and resale platform For the first time ever, gamers can resell their digitally-purchased games and buy new games by mining.

"The new wave of digital distribution" The first distribution platform where game publishers and creators keep up to 86% of the game sale revenue.

Live globally in 140+ countries You're investing in growth and go-to-market, not proof of concept. View the live platform at

Built on blockchain Blockchain powers the platform's mining and resell features, as well as our upcoming, first-in-the-world legal secondary market for digital assets.


Meet robot cacheEdit



Easily deploy games. Keep more revenue.Edit

For publishers, we've developed our own proprietary "Circuitry" technology, enabling games that have been integrated with other platforms to run on ours with little to no developer work.

Robot Cache's business model is unique in that it allows publishers to keep more of the game sale revenue — 95% during the first 90 days after release and up to 86% thereafter! We have developed a revolutionary new game distribution model where, for the first time ever, both gamers and publishers win.


Resell your games.Edit

Earn by mining.Edit

For the first time ever, gamers can sell their digital copy when they're done playing. Think of it as an online version of Gamestop. No more old games gathering digital dust.

RobotCache also enables users to mine cryptocurrency for store credit when they’re not playing. We've simplified the entire process down to the click of a button.

Top signed publishersEdit



User mining stats since beta launch  Edit

30% of our users mine when they’re not playing and earn on average of $10-20/month, with some earning as much as $100 / month.



Investors and partnersEdit

Raised $11.7 million in our initial round of fundingEdit

Some of the most well-known institutional investors in the global gaming community have already joined.




Leadership teamEdit

Led by industry executives & advisors with decades of experience in the video game industryEdit

This includes 200 years of combined experience at top publishers and development studios.



Your investment is binding and irrevocable, although we reserve the right to reject it for any reason or no reason at all. Funds committed will remain in an escrow account maintained by Prime Trust, LLC until such time as a closing occurs. We will not be issuing share certificates; your investment will be solely recorded in book-entry electronic form. Investors will be to purchase shares of shares of our Common Stock through OpenDeal Broker LLC. We will pay, OpenDeal Broker LLC, a registered broker-dealer – a 6% cash commission, 2% securities commission plus a certain offering costs. Please review OpenDeal Broker LLC’s Form CRS. OpenDeal Broker LLC may require additional documents or information from you to complete your purchase, you will be contacted by a registered representative in this event.An offering statement relating to Robot Cache US, Inc.’s Units has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and became qualified on March 31, 2021. Prior to any investment Robot Cache US, Inc.’s Units, you should review a copy of the offering circular, or by contacting Robot Cache US, Inc. by phone at +1.858.252.4001 or writing at 5910 Pacific Center Boulevard, Suite 310, San Diego, California 92121.No offer to sell any securities, and no solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, is being made in any jurisdiction in which such offer, sale or solicitation would not be permitted by applicable law.

Robot Cache TeamEdit

Lee Jacobson

Co-Founder, CEO

I love video games!

Mark Caldwell

Co-Founder, CTO

Philippe Erwin

EVP, Business Affairs

Michael Gottlieb

VP, Operations

Keven Baxter

Board Member

Nolan Bushnell


Chris Keenen


Brian Fargo

Chairman, Advisor

Anna Sweet


Scott Walker

Investor, Advisor

George Rose


Sebastian Stuparac

Investor, Advisor

Stas Oskin

Investor, Advisor

Sonic Zhang

Investor, Advisor

Michael Maloney