We aim to be a platform with a credible reputation for being intuitive, resilient, and rapid for collaboration. With over 23,000 users & 11 million documents across thousands of deals, it is seeing an increase in the number of new clients and intends to adapt features to offer a fully integrated document, data, and task management solution.

  • Rapid, intuitive platform with over 5 years commercial use
  • Existing clients in the UK, EU, India, Australia
  • Mishcon de Reya, Infarm, Quantuma and Crowdcube among clients
  • Currently servicing 32 customers with YoY customer growth of 45%


Virtual Data Rooms are used for external document collaboration, more commonly in legal transactions such as Mergers or Acquisitions. Our client feedback indicates that existing platforms are often slow, unreliable and difficult to use, have limited customisation & time is wasted with organisation and management of data.

We've developed Ruby Datum with what we see as critical unique features such as a fully integrated Q&A facility, advanced configuration and permissions of custom fields, dynamic watermarking, full audit trails & more.

The platform was built from the start with scalability in mind and now we're building full document, data & task management facilities that can be interlinked & white-labelled, allowing firms to build their own SaaS products within Ruby Datum.

We've worked with 38 clients, some of which resell the platform, amounting to millions of documents across thousands of sites. 10 new clients this year, a 45% increase in our client base.

The ‘Shaping the Future of Law’ report estimated the annual market opportunity across Legal Tech to be £22bn (£11.4bn of revenue generated from serving unmet demand, £8.6bn of cost-savings for SMEs and £1.7bn from productivity gains in legal businesses).

“Ruby Datum is a pleasure to work with and provides a highly user-centric virtual data room platform with impressive continuity of service.”

- Taraziena Stevenson, eleXsys


Nick Watson - Founder and CEO

Nick comes from a web development background, building hundreds of advanced, bespoke projects across industries over a period of 10 years, including Law. He regularly speaks at events and is passionate about User Experience with a strong emphasis on understanding human needs & behaviours to deliver exceptional tech. He is an adviser for The Centre of Legal Innovation (Australia), co-authors the weekly wellbeing series for Society of Computers in Law, a mentor for Barclay's Eagle Labs & The Legal Forecast, and has collaborated with The Law Society.

Dan James - Lead Developer

Dan brings with him years of experience in SaaS and has a passion for code. He is calm during pressured situations and can think "outside the box" to collaborate with Nick over ideas and approaches to develop a seamless experience for the platform users.

Jack Bowden - Head of Business Development & Client Relationships

Jack has an ability to maintain good, solid, and prosperous relationships, solve challenges and be that “go to” person for when people need a solution.

Jack has significant experience in senior sales roles with a highly proven track record and was invited to join Ruby Datum after collaborating with our CEO, Nick, on various events over the past few years.

He stands firmly behind the product, already having conversations with several potential clients.

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