SEVEN BRO7HERS is a brewery run by seven brothers from Salford who love brewing beer. Established in 2014, they've grown rapidly, seeing a 181% increase in turnover since 2017, in 2019 revenue reached £2M and £-200k profit before tax. They aim to procure six new beerhouse sites in the next 2 years & expand production capability to 2Million Litres P.A.

  • Revenue increased by over 181% between 2017-19
  • Two BEERHOUSES launched. Site 3 secured with site 4 under negotiation
  • Brewhouse production capacity increased over 800% in 5yrs
  • Partnership bar in Manchester Airport planned to open October 2020


SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWERY was created by 7 siblings trying to navigate the complicated world of craft beer & thought “there must be a better way”. Each brother brings a different and unique talent to the business, and thanks to our extended family of over 1500 investors we’ve seen revenue growth in excess of 181% between 2017 & 2019

We’ve built a business on core values around simplicity, transparency, locality & family. We believe we are on our way to becoming one of the UK's go-to breweries, and with this, in 2016 we began opening bars across the city. Having proven our BEERHOUSE concept we’ve now secured site 3 in Liverpool. Site 4 in Leeds is under negotiation. We also have the opening of our partnership bar at Manchester Airport to look forward to. This is a 10yr deal.

We’ve planned a further 4 BEERHOUSES, with each site aiming to become a go to SEVEN BRO7HERS venue for our expanded family in 2020 – 22.

We believe that the Brewhouse also has a bright future. We’ve increased capacity by over 800% in 5 years, & we still can't meet the supply demands. We’ve already secured deals with Coop, we supply all Booths stores and recently secured a deal with Ocado.

This all means a huge few years ahead of us, & with a proven track record of high business growth we’re confident we can make everyone who joins our family proud of their investment.


Our dad got us into it making beer – he used to brew ale at home when we were kids. It was after becoming inspired by the amazing craft beer scene in Oslo that we all decided to put everything we had in to creating a brewing company that made craft beer for everyone - not just the beer aficionados.

Craft beer to us is all about openness and inclusivity - from day one we have welcomed everyone into our world. Everything we do is driven by community and nothing gives more of a buzz than seeing people come together in our venues

Keith McAvoy, Founder: Managing Director.

Kit McAvoy: Head of Sales: Kit has secured deals with Booths and the Coop, and been integral to our recent growth

Greg McAvoy: Head Brewer: Manages brewhouse production, and ensures we keep the beer flowing to our fans

Daniel McAvoy (Part-time): Operations Director: Keeps the wheels moving, beer flowing and schedule running

Nathan McAvoy: BEERHOUSE Project management: PT: Nathan makes our BEERHOUSE’s happen

Guy McAvoy (Part-time): Estate Strategy Director: PT: Planning, Financial oversight and delivery of new BEERHOUSE venues

Luke McAvoy (part-time): Operational support and technology lead: PT: Creating & building a brewery capable of rapid growth