Technology is revolutionising the £ multi-billion education market. SaigolEd's vision is to harness this to build a company that makes the best teaching affordable to all schoolchildren. We aim to develop an app with the objective of combining immersive videos with charismatic teachers from leading schools, rich visual effects, leading AI & tests to inspire learning.

  • No dominant UK EdTech player in a £ multi-billion market
  • Vision to transform the UK education market
  • Blue-chip team aiming to provide the best teaching to schoolchildren irrespective of background
  • Once operational we intend to develop a scalable, profitable business as an objective


Private school fees over £15,000pa and tutors over £30ph are unaffordable to most. Children have little choice regarding schools or teachers or how they learn. Covid has left millions of students struggling as online teaching is currently uninspiring.

SaigolEd aims to solve these problems and make the very best teaching affordable to all. We hope to transform the lives of millions of 7-18 year olds. All our teaching will be available to students wherever/whenever they wish to access it and, when the app’s development is complete, we aim to cover the full curriculum so our users have the tools to excel in their exams. After the raise, SaigolEd aims to target GCSEs as its beachhead market.

Many EdTech companies are worth £BNs. SaigolEd aims to enter this sector and harness this energy. Our business model is based on subscriptions, is highly scalable and has low overheads.

After 2 decades in investing, Faisal Saigol (CEO) has built a highly experienced team to bring SaigolEd to market. Faisal read Law at Cambridge, holds an MBA from Harvard and he is passionate about ensuring the best teaching is opened up to all irrespective of background.

This investment round will build the prototype which has been fully resourced (12 people including star teacher from top UK school) and includes a budget for rigorous user group testing.


The team is highly experienced.

Faisal Saigol, Founder and CEO, spent 2 decades leading large teams across c.£200M of property deals, read Law at Cambridge and holds an MBA from Harvard.

Melanie Grace, Marketing Director, ran Marketing for an EdTech company and led marketing campaigns for companies including Jaguar and F1.

Andrew Nolan, Head of Education, (Part-time As Required For Prototype), an award-winning teacher (over a decade). Additionally almost a decade as Senior Manager For EdTech and Innovative Technologies for the largest K-12 private education provider in the world (GEMS).

Richard Watkins, Head of Production, (Full-time after the raise), ran an award-winning production and visual effects co for 13 years, leading 200+ outsourced personnel for clients incl. Coca Cola, Cadburys and Sony.

Dr Fernando Loizides, Head of AI and ML, (Part-time As Required For Prototype), Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University. Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence expertise incl. work with Google and Microsoft.

Mayur Shah, CTO, c.2 decades of tech development expertise across complex projects incl. 8 years as a developer. Deep experience with overall project management and running BA, MITS, UI and QA teams.