Salinity Solutions is developing an innovative technology to clean up the world’s water treatment industries. Its first application aims to reduce the high carbon footprint of lithium extraction and help create a cleaner way to fuel our demand for electric vehicle batteries.

  • Desalination tech designed to enable more efficient lithium production
  • Global lithium market estimated to grow x20 by 2040
  • The technology has received over £3m of R&D investment, with patents pending
  • Field trials planned in 2021 with Cornish Lithium


The explosion in demand for electric vehicles to replace hydrocarbon fuelled vehicles creates an uncomfortable paradox: extracting the lithium to manufacture batteries currently has a devastating environmental impact, scarring landscapes with vast open cast mines, toxic evaporation lakes and high CO2 emissions.

Direct lithium extraction from groundwater is a promising alternative. However, systems currently used to concentrate water to enable extraction have a large footprint and require a lot of energy.

Salinity Solutions is developing a cleaner, more sustainable solution. Our licensed technology, protected by patent applications has two potential advantages: it’s up to 50% more efficient than traditional brine concentration, with a 50% smaller footprint. It promises a new, cleaner solution that we calculate to be commercially viable, and can even be deployed off-grid.

Lithium extraction is just the beginning. We believe that our technology has the potential to enable cleaner desalination across a range of polluting industries, with a total market projected to be worth $26bn by 2025. This will help to drive scale and growth for Salinity Solutions and it will enable industrial and mineral extraction processes to operate more sustainably.

Your investment will enable us to build the first in-field trial system with Cornish Lithium in the UK and secure our first customer orders.


Salinity Solutions is supported by Clean Engineering – an investment company that specialises in co-developing sustainable engineering start-ups using a methodology developed by Productiv that has been refined through 50 projects. They provide support with product development, process, production and people, as well as capital.

Our experienced team is ready to bring the product through development to market:

Tim Naughton Founder, CTO BEng

Engineer, delivery, product. 5 years of salinity technology R&D at Aston & Birmingham Universities. Led Salinity Solutions through the ICURe program, securing grant & equity funding.

Richard Bruges CEO, MBA BSc

Leader, strategy, process. 30+ years industrial product & market development, founder of Productiv and The Proving Factory and CEO of Clean Engineering. BSc Mech Eng, Executive MBA.

Antony Cockle CCO, MSc (Part Time)

Mentor, sales, culture. Sales & team development across sectors since 1992, performance improvement of start-ups to scale-ups. Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Elizabeth Dainty CFO, ACA (Part Time)

Finance, cash, control. Experienced chartered accountant and financial controller. Supported multiple start-ups and university spinouts. Expert in grant funding; ACA.

Philip Davies Advisor, PhD

Academic, vision, research. Professor of Water Technology University of Birmingham. Board member European Desalination Society.