Seatfrog has made upgrading to First Class lightning fast to over 560 destinations. Backed by some of Europe's leading tech investors & named in the UK’s top 30 fastest growing tech scaleups in 2020, they’re expanding across Europe and on a mission to build a better future for rail, for good.

  • £10m~ Invested by some of Europe's leading tech investors
  • 340,000+ Customers / 4.8* App Store rating
  • 1415% 12 month revenue growth pre-pandemic
  • 90% of UK market under contract


In recent generations, rail has come to a standstill, burdened by old technology and a clunky experience. We’re here to change that.

We’ve already reinvented upgrading your seat for over 340,000 happy customers – a historically complicated and expensive experience, now affordable and lightning fast to over 560 destinations.

But we’re not stopping there - we’re leading the charge to build a better future for passengers and the rail companies that carry them.

At the start of 2020, Seatfrog was named in the top 30 fastest growing UK tech scaleups, seeing 1415% yearly revenue growth (YE 2020 Revenue £2,095,091 EBITDA -£2,751,437) and 958% active user growth (Feb19 vs Feb20).

COVID-19 put our growth on a temporary pause. But we charged on, winning multiple major rail company contracts and building a game changing new product backed by the UK government. Spring is now in the air, growth is returning and Seatfrog is set to be one of the winners of the recovery.

£160Bn European market

Rail journeys have increased by 97% in the UK since 2002, faster than any other mode of transport. UK and European governments are investing a staggering £287 billion in rail to 2033, driving mass adoption away from more polluting modes.

We are raising to supercharge our product roadmap for 2021/22 and expansion across Europe, delivering on our mission to build a better future for rail, for good.


We’re not from rail, that’s our strength. Our team is packed full of world-class people who have been part of startups that have gone on to sell for £200M+ and worked on the Hadron Collider at CERN.

Iain Griffin, Founder & CEO

The instigator of Seatfrog, Iain sets the strategy and leads the team. UK Entrepreneur of the year finalist & seasoned strategist, worked with leading brands to disrupt markets with tech.

James Eyton, CFO

Experience leading M&A strategy in the US, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Was part of the senior team at John Paul which was acquired by AccorHotels.

Dirk Stewart, Founder & CTO

Heads up all aspects of Seatfrog’s technology. Has significant experience in senior engineering roles building scalable technology platforms globally.

Alex Balfe, Head of People

You will spend, on average, 2080 hours a year at work. Alex is charged with making sure Seatfrog is a place where a world-class team is motivated to fight passionately to make our mission a reality.

Joao Pela, Lead Data Scientist

Heads up our proprietary intelligence platform. Previously Experimental Particle Physicist, 9+ years in world-class data research and engineering at places like CERN.

Conor O’Riordan, VP Commercial

Heads up our enterprise sales team and European expansion. A veteran Head of Sales with extensive experience in leading tech sales at companies such as Callsign and HiD.