SleepCogni puts the power of a good night’s sleep in your hands. Using clinically tested, patented technology; combining a handheld device with a SaaS platform, users can control their wind down process by collecting physiological, behavioural & environmental data. We're fundraising to commercialise the product.

  • FDA Registered as a medical device with 11 granted patents
  • SleepCogni reduced Clinical Insomnia to Non-Clinical in just 7 days in trial
  • £1m invested including VC Mercia, £625k in R&D grants from Innovate UK
  • Medbridge Healthcare opportunity to roll out to 130 sleep clinics (subject to trial)


1 in 3 people experience sleep challenges at some point in their lives. Apart from medication, we feel the market offering only focuses on monitoring sleep, rather than the process of getting to sleep.

  • One study suggests 38% of sufferers reported insomnia for 5+ years
  • 1m people in the UK take sleeping pills for insomnia
  • 70% of people have had new sleep challenges since COVID-19

SleepCogni focuses on the pathway to sleep; helping users control their wind down process with patented, award-winning technology. Our device receives data from 15 different sensors, providing detailed & informative insights into the person’s sleep struggle that are used for clinical intervention including CBT-I (cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia). SleepCogni's haptic feedback is designed to break cognitive cycles that prevent sleep.

We'll initially target sleep clinics in the UK & US (US sleep clinic market in 2020 = $9bn). We'll then expand into other countries by also targeting health insurers. We have 11 granted & 4 pending patents in various territories, a trademark on the logo & protection of specific handheld trigger hardware.

Having found our niche in the sleep healthcare market, we're now fundraising to commercialise the product. Invest in SleepCogni and put the power of a good night’s sleep back in people's hands.


Richard Mills, Founder & CEO:

Inventor of previous medical device company Swellaway (ProMotion EV1).

Dr Maan van de Werken, Founder & CSO:

PhD in Chronobiology, the study of the timing of behaviour and physiology within the 24-hr day.

Richard di Benedetto, Chairman:

President of Aetna International, one of the world’s largest health insurance providers and previously CEO of GE Healthcare for the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Russia.

Paul Ironmonger, CTO (Part time):

Founder of contract design & manufacturing businesses CPI Electronics Ltd.

Dr Donn Posner, Medical Advisor:

World-leading expert in CBT-I and Behavioural Sleep Medicine.

Mark Long, Financial Advisor:

A chartered accountant with a bachelor of Science (BSc) in Finance and Accounting. Previously VP Finance & Administration, Jennic.

James Pink, Regulatory Consultant:

James is a contributor to several medical device standards committees including ISO 13485, ISO 14971 and various product-related standards.