Smart Cricket Global is aiming to transform sports training and performance. Its 1st product, BATSENSE, is a cognitive device that is empowering players and coaches through the provision of real-time data, covering every angle of batting, helping to transform the way this game is played and analysed.

  • Powered with Intel, Partnered with International Cricket Council (ICC)
  • Beta-launch in ICC CT 2017 with Broadcast in Television- London
  • Official Product launch in ICC World Cup 2019 - London
  • 3.5 Million+ shots captured from the time of Launch at ICC WC 2019


In a technical sport such as cricket, mastering the bat demands extreme skill and dedication. Although cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports, when it comes to enhancing player skills, batting players still bank on their personal experiences and assumption on the shots they have played to generate skill improvements.

Every day, in alleys, academies, maidens and ovals across the cricketing world, millions of balls are bowled. The return shots are played and very few will be captured and turned into data that can help enhance the skills of the player. For a sport that is so highly technical in nature, technology solutions are few and far between.

At the end of a practice session, cricketers reflect on their performance and how well they played and will distil the speculation down to a ‘gut feeling’ and self-certify, with no discernible accuracy, no real data and no real analysis, unless they are a first-class player.

BATSENSE is a technology which securely fits on the bat and connects with smartphones. BATSENSE is born out of an idea to gain powerful marginal gain insights into batting. Applied AI and built-in Machine Learning have been used to develop this powerful chip, and was tailor-made to create a smart device and which is capable of capturing the elements of a bat and its movements.

We're raising funds for manufacturing, further product innovation & marketing.


Atul Srivastava- Founder & CEO of SCG

Atul is well-known figure in the cricketing world. His journey with Cricket started with the launch of India’s sports management agency, Gaames Unlimited in 2005. This very entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative streak within Atul has led to the creation of SmartCricket

Advisory Board Members:

Mohammed Ameen -Chairman & Director of SCG: Director of ABM Tele Mobiles India Private Limited.

Rehman Noormohamed -Non-Executive Director of SCG): Senior Partner, Head of the Technology Media and Telecoms (‘TMT’) law practice and CIO at Acuity Law. He is dual qualified as a specialist TMT lawyer and electronic and communications engineer

Technical Advisors:

Kalyan Kumar B - Corporate Vice President and CTO of a large technological company.

Operations Team:

S Alam Ratan - Director of SCG

Karan Pai - Chief Operating Officer