Fresh, Healthy Plant-based Protein Delivered to Your Door.


The current plant-based protein alternatives are unhealthy & unappetizing.

They lack nutrition, contain ultra-processed ingredients and artificial additives. Added to that, their ingredients list is complex and long. All of this makes people bloated & guilty of consuming such unhealthy products.

Sow Foods tackles that problem by developing a protein source from soybeans that are free from ultra-processed ingredients, artificial additives, and refined sugars.

In addition, the company's products are of exceptional taste & texture. And are free from bloating & guilt.

Business modelEdit

D2C: online sales on a recurring basis from its online store.

The company plans to expand into retail at a later stage.


Compared to the status-quo, the company's unique selling point is as follows:

  1. Simple, familiar ingredients with five or fewer ingredients.
  2. Refined sugar-free: with GI of <49, meaning lower insulin spike.
  3. Higher protein content: 25g per 100g.
  4. Fresh, as opposed to being frozen, makes cooking convenient and easier.
  5. Special exotic flavours such as Chinese five spices & Spanish smoky paprika.
  6. Low FODMAP: for people who cannot digest gluten or allium vegetables.
  7. D2C: ensures freshness and direct feedback from the consumer.


Dan & Satya studied together at Imperial, and previously raised £120,000 from TechStars. Consequently, they are well-versed in pitching skills & how to raise seed funding.

Additionally, both of them are plant-based, and faced similar issues of finding healthy plant-based protein sources. Combined with taking a community first approach means that their core fundamentals are aligned. Both of which aid in taking long-term strategies (5+ years) over short-term gains.


The company has tested its product and received feedback from 5000+ customers in 50+ vegan exhibitions across the UK since founding its business in May, 2021.

Sow Foods' achievements to date with its current MVP is reflected in 5000+ packs being sold with 200% month-over-month growth, resulting in £25,000 in revenue. All of this, with £0 on marketing.

Furthermore, its current retention rate is 95% after 8 months. 99% of them rated us 5 stars in reviews for product quality and customer service.