Ag is a leading provider of specialist photographic services and products in the UK. Averaging £10,400 EBITDA per month, the company has a growing customer base of professional, enthusiast and fine-art photographers. With both domestic and international sales, it seeks to expand further in the market.

  • EBITDA £125k for financial year to October 2018
  • Specialist expertise and custom production facility
  • Very high customer loyalty and year on year growth since 2015
  • Ready to exploit opportunities for domestic and international growth


Ag provides photographic lab services and supplies to the professional, enthusiast, student or fine art photographer. We stand out within the UK because of our holistic approach, catering for digital, analogue and hybrid photography.

Since 2015 we have printed over 2,000,000 prints and processed over 180,000 films. We are now established and profitable, averaging £10,400 EBITDA per month (to y/e October 2018). We have high levels of customer loyalty with over 3,200 customers making repeat orders - many making 20+ orders. Key to our success is our experience, expertise and our specialist facilities. Some are custom and uniquely built for us, enabling efficiency, excellent margins, and great value for customers - without sacrificing quality.

Our facilities and expertise have enabled us to capitalise on the trend of mixing traditional with digital technology, and recent growth in analogue and hybrid photography. The ever-increasing quality of digital cameras translates into demand for the ultra-high quality, no-ink print output that we deliver with ease.

Our immediate opportunities for growth include further penetration of Professional, art and discerning consumer photographic print market. Investment will enable a website overhaul, giving us the digital route-to-market we need, create more production space and increase capacity, accelerating our growth.


Matthew Wells - Managing Director

Founder of Ag. Over 22 Years entrepreneurial Experience. Honours degree in law 1997.

Matt has always enjoyed seeking out a profitable market with barriers to competition. This, coupled with a deep-seated interest in the photographic industry led him to start Ag, a business focused on high margin products and services targeted at a specific and definable customer who is easy to connect with.

James Britton - Accountant (Part-time)

Fully qualified and Experienced accountant charged with preparation of all management figures and bookkeeping on-site at Ag. He liaises with our accountancy partners, NJR Accountancy, in the preparation of year-end.

Nick Howse - Senior technician

A wealth of Experience in photofinishing and colour balancing. Understanding colour is incredibly important when printing or scanning images and we estimate Nick has balanced millions of images during his career!

Dave Shepherd - Senior technician

First class degree in Photography. Dave has lots of experience in fine art exhibition and is able to guide customers and provide fantastic support.

Peter Gaffney - Consultant

Experience in photofinishing and operating photographic processing laboratories - there isn't much Peter doesn't know about operating a photofinishing lab. Peter runs specialist processing operations.