StanMe aims to be the 1st community marketplace to enable collaboration and co-selling between independent creators. There are over 46 million digital creators around the world with a present market value of more than $11 billion. StanMe is on a mission to democratise opportunities for all creators to collectively grow and succeed by using the power of collaboration.

  • Aims to be the 1st marketplace that enables collaboration and co-selling
  • Launched public beta in July 2020 with more than 1,000 users
  • Over 130 transactions processed since beta launch
  • +1,900 pre-registered users on the waiting list


Creators are now the fastest-growing class of small-business, and are getting funded directly by their own community through a diverse stack of tools and platforms.

But the opportunities to succeed in the creator economy are not equal, with few big winners and a lot of people hustling to make a living. The majority of creators have to continuously learn techniques to market themselves, adapt to social platforms’ ever-changing algorithms, grow and maintain a large community to generate a sufficient amount of sales.

StanMe addresses these issues by fostering an ecosystem of collaboration and co-selling between independent creators, giving them access to a combined wider audience to facilitate discoverability, increasing their volume of sales as a result. .

We believe we are creating a new category in the creator economy, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world valued at $11 billion in 2019 with a forecasted 12% CAGR through 2030. This represents an opportunity for us to be the leading marketplace for the next generation of digital creators.

Our plan is to accelerate the company's growth, invest in technology and marketing.


  • Launched public beta in July 2020 with more than 1,000 users
  • Over 130 transactions processed since beta launch
  • +1,900 pre-registered users on the waiting list
  • Advisors worked in 10 Downing Street and media for luxury brands


Zein Khalifeh - Founder & CEO

Extensive international experience working in the digital product development industry and led UX research on a joint Facebook-Whatsapp product in the UK, at Facebook London in 2017.

Bilal Khalifeh - Co-founder & COO

Founder of a London based digital media and communications company with a turnover exceeding £1.3M in 2019. An angel investor in a UK owned VC and Private Equity based in Africa, and in a UK based company working on advanced medical devices for the treatment of metabolic diseases.

Federica Riondino - Content Lead

Federica leads the Content and STANME Community, discovering and sharing the stories of independent creators.

Alexandra Boadu - Visual Design Lead

Alexandra is leading StanMe's visual product and brand identity. A multi-skilled digital illustrator, content creator and YouTuber .

John Watts - Advisor

Former Special Adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street. John has over 15 years experience in public diplomacy, public affairs, media relations and visual presentation, working on global communication and diplomatic campaigns across Europe, Middle East, the Americas and Asia.

Chris Finks - Advisor

A well-seasoned marketing and communications professional, worked with luxury brands and organisations such as Nike, Cartier, Breitling, U.S. Presidential Inaugural Committee, JP Morgan-Chase and scores of others.