Stratiphy automatically suggests your next investment move using sustainable investment strategies. Our aim is to simplify the process of analysing the stock market, allowing you to invest responsibly and according to your preferences. Alpha launched Q1 2021 to invited users; full launch Q1 2022 subject to FCA approval.

  • Data-driven advice for the new growing generation of investors
  • Democratising access to professional trading strategies
  • Partnered with Morningstar and Sustainalytics for real-time market & ESG data
  • Backed by experienced individuals at UBS and Monzo


Finding the right stocks to invest in on a continuous basis can be difficult and time-intensive. We looked for a tool that could make this simpler and easier for retail investors, and we couldn’t find one. So we built one.

Stratiphy is an investment app using robo-advisory tech, to support the next generation of investors by providing them with the information they need to make informed investments aligned with their values and sustainability goals.

Stratiphy lets you build trading strategies according to your risk profile, industry preferences, and sustainability criteria. It lets you see the historic performance of your selection, and gives clear signals of what to buy and when to sell. You can create multiple strategies and run scenarios without any coding, using real-time market data as well as environmental, social and governance ratings (ESG) to compare companies.

So far we’ve

  • Partnered with Morningstar and Sustainalytics for real-time market & ESG data
  • Completed development of our MVP
  • Been accepted into SETsquared - a world leading startup-accelerator
  • Formed a strong advisory team including the founder of Brightpearl, the co-founder of Abundance and the Director of compliance at Monzo

We're fundraising to:

  • Obtain FCA approval for in app trading
  • Introduce social features and commission free trading
  • Team growth, focusing on strategy, development & growing our user base


Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO (Part-Time)has a PhD in algebraic geometry, 8 years' experience in finance and has previously founded his own solar energy company. He started Stratiphy out of the need to solve his own investment problems, to save time and effort analysing individual stocks and to give him the ability to automate his investment process.

Nikki Co-Founder and CMO has a background in Economics and finance. She previously ran her own events company, taking it to a successful exit. Her experience building communities of users and early adopters will help grow the brand.

David Adler - Tech Advisor, has helped launch and build tech products across the US and UK, and is well positioned to guide tech development at all stages.

Stratiphy's advisory team:

Andrew Mulvenna - Founder of Brightpearl, who helped take the company to £1.3bn in GMV

Kathy Griffin - Director of Compliance at Monzo, experienced risk and compliance professional.

Louise Wilson - Founder of Abundance Investment and advisor at Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College.