Sudor's vision is to be a worldwide digital fitness platform that helps millions of fitness professionals earn & enjoy financial freedom. Whilst in Beta, trainers have already earned £160k+ through Sudor & investors include an ex-director of Virgin Active & the ex-CMO of N26. They're now raising funds to help PT's scale globally.

  • £465k raised to date - backed by angels including the ex-CMO of N26
  • Celebrity trainers including Princess Diana’s former PT
  • Winner of the NOAH London Startup of the Year
  • 20,000 users in beta with £0 spent on consumer marketing


Our vision is to be a worldwide digital fitness platform that aims to help millions of fitness professionals earn and enjoy financial freedom.

Digital fitness isn’t a COVID-19 fad. Peloton IPO’d at $8bn prior to COVID-19; today it’s worth $28bn. According to LEK Consulting, the digital fitness industry in the US is worth $1bn today and set to be worth $15bn by 2026.

Sudor is a verticalised platform for fitness (similar to Patreon for arts or Twitch for gaming). Purpose-built for fitness professionals and their clients, Sudor provides the technology and tools to empower fitness professionals as they build a digital business.

Our core vision is to disrupt YouTube's fitness section which isn't purpose-built for fitness, doesn’t support challenges, track progress, allow for 1:1 classes etc. It’s also hard to build a business there unless you already have tens of thousands of subscribers.

With Sudor, trainers earn from their first subscriber. They can upload on-demand videos, stream live classes or create challenges for their subscribers. All content is produced by the trainers, giving Sudor ultimate scalability.

Whilst in beta we’ve signed over 200 trainers, have 20k+ users and paid out over £160k to trainers. With the launch of live streaming we’re ready to scale Sudor worldwide.

Join us & to invest alongside an ex-director of Virgin Active & the ex-CMO of N26 (amongst others).


We're fitness fanatics - Emma loves cycling, HIIT classes and kitesurfing, whilst Marc is a fanatical yogi who loves running and wild swimming. Our mutual passion for fitness brought us together as co-founders - we wanted to build a product that we would be excited to use and that in turn could help the industry that we both love.

We're not from the industry, meaning we bring different perspectives and experiences to Sudor. Marc was a partner at a large venture fund, and Emma has extensive experience at fast-growing startups including Groupon & foodpanda.

We've worked together for four years and believe seeing the world differently is one of our key strengths as a founding team.

Digital fitness is a large market with an even larger opportunity; we’ve welcomed industry-leading experience to help.

Our investors and advisors include (amongst others):

Ross Faragher-Thomas; ex-CEO Virgin Active

Kelly Ford (Marketing Advisor); ex-CMO N26 and previously eBay and PayPal

Otto Rosenberger (Advisor); CEO Dreamlines, ex-CEO at global platforms eHarmony & Hostelworld

Paul Hofmann (Technical Advisor), Engineering Manager Google, ex Java Director, AUTO1

To give us hands-on experience we're also excited to have Harry Jameson (Sunday Times columnist and Boris Johnson's own Personal Trainer) as a trainer and shareholder.

We're proud that our engineering, marketing and operations teams are all in-house.


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