Sugi is the world’s first app to show everyday investors how green their investments really are and help them build a greener portfolio. Having launched a successful public beta in 2020, Sugi is raising funds to further develop the app, expand the team and implement its growth strategy.

  • 'First to market’ advantage
  • Combines 3 key trends: ESG investing, Open Finance & carbon tracking
  • Beta launched Nov 2020; full App Store launch planned for spring 2021
  • £210,000 raised to date; last funding round oversubscribed


How green are your investments?

There are over 3 million DIY investors in the UK, with over £210 billion of investments. 76% of us want our investments to have a positive impact. But sustainable investing is too complicated and the information we want often isn't available. Sugi changes that.

Sugi is a new way for everyday investors to engage with green investing. We don't sell investments. Instead, Sugi connects to your existing investment platform - whether you have an ISA, SIPP or trading account - so you can:

  • discover the environmental impact of your portfolio
  • learn how your individual investments affect the planet
  • compare your impact with similar investments
  • take action to improve your impact.

And this is just the beginning. We're developing new features, metrics and revenue streams for rollout soon.

Our beta launch had press coverage from renowned publications, including from Reuters, The Times, Good with Money, This is Money, AltFi, Finextra, UK Investor and Crowdfund Insider. We’re planning to launch on the App Store in spring, with Android following soon.

Our last funding round was oversubscribed, and we’re crowdfunding now so more people can join our investor community. With your money, Sugi will fund product innovation, expand the team and implement our growth strategy – leveraging our position as first to market.

Join us, and let's all invest in a greener future.


Josh Gregory – Founder and CEO

Before founding Sugi, Josh worked with several global green finance organisations, helping the private sector invest in sustainable development. Josh’s clients included financial institutions, climate funds and development banks. He realised all the focus is on engaging the big players in sustainable investing, but this is not enough to make a real difference. Individual investors, and the vast pool of private capital they control, must also go green. That's why Josh founded Sugi.

Lucy Gregory (advisory)

Lucy’s an experienced startup founder and managing director, having run her own business for 5 years. She’s a dedicated green investor and drives development of the Sugi platform. Lucy also oversees Sugi’s communications strategy.

Simon French (part-time)

Simon’s an award-winning graphics and visual effects artist, with over 15 years in the industry. Simon's career spans many commercials, film & music - you’ve probably seen his incredible work more than once. Simon brings a unique perspective to UX/UI that underpins the distinctive Sugi brand.

Tash Nikolovski (part-time)

Tash is a PR guru, having spent years making noise for tech companies and start-ups. She’s managed our press coverage since launch last year, reaching an estimated 58 million people – and counting.