Superpow! was founded by two users of online therapy. It aims to shift away from the clinical aspect of mental health. Superpow! is positioning itself to connect those seeking therapy with therapists who share the same cultural backgrounds. Superpow! aims to be Flexible, affordable & stigma free.

  • COVID19 is expected to have a lasting negative impact on people's mental health
  • Technology in development aiming to launch in 3.5 months after fundraise
  • 82% of people we surveyed showed interest in using Superpow!
  • World Health Organisation states that 450M suffer from mental disorders


With increased pressure on access to mental health treatment, Superpow! wants to be an online therapy platform that shifts away from the clinical aspect of mental health treatment. The platform aims to help users find a matching therapist based on factors such as preferred language, ethnical background, sexual orientation, gender, age, symptoms. We aim to match you with a therapist quicker than any other app.

The app has the right solutions for what we perceive to be the main current issues within the industry: stigma, non-inclusive services for minorities, high costs & low flexibility related to time & location.

Superpow! will aim to deploy a strong B2B channel, helping large companies provide much needed support for employees. A staggering 70 million work days are lost each year due to mental health problems in the UK, costing employers approximately £2.4 billion per year.

We are a scalable, capital-light business. Our objective is to initially enter London's market, with plans to expand within the UK in year 2, rest of Europe in years 3 & 4 and US in year 5. We operate a simple business model: commission on each session booked.

Invest now and help us lift up the barriers we personally had to face in the past, so others don't have to come across the same obstacles. We require capital to finalise the app development & scale the business within our primary market.


Superpow! was developed by co-founders Gabriel & Andrei who, after living busy lives in London, experienced difficulties in finding a suitable platform for online therapy to help them overcome their own mental health issues. They are now ready to fight against stigma and use the power of their examples both as online therapy users and founders of a start-up with the aim of securing a strong market share.

Andrei Co-founder - Sales & Marketing professional for luxury hotels around the world, including brands like Four Seasons, Kempinski and Starwood, Andrei is experienced in driving sales through strategic planning and detailed execution. Andrei has learned how important care for mental health is, after experiencing it first hand while living in London and in LA

Gabriel Co-founder - with more than 7 years experience in Hospitality Industry, he has developed a passion for customer service, business development, negotiations and revenue management. His high level of emotional intelligence helps him to build strong relationships with customers and business partners. He has first experienced depression, anxiety & low self esteem in 2019 and started online therapy following Andrei's advice.

Future team expansion plans:

Digital Marketing Manager - social media

Scientific Consultant - therapists portfolio