The virtual personal shopper for the modern mom



  • 💪 +$3.7M in revenue (2021: $1.1M) with less than $400k investment
  • 🚀 $0 spent on marketing for the first 3 years of operation
  • 💰 Our customer’s average annual spend is $2k (48% increase last 4 years)
  • 📈 Lifetime contribution per customer is $725 (5x ROI on current CAC)
  • 📦 More than 20k orders fulfilled to date


The demands of modern moms are growing...Edit


And with their disposable income multiplying, their purchase decisions are focused on more than just utilitarian family needs.

Instead, they want and expect more—both for themselves and their families. Retail must now deliver an experience that meets their new set of dynamic expectations:Edit


Unsurprisingly, the highly fragmented luxury childrenswear market (comprised of thousands of small brands) has never offered a model with the operational dynamism to meet these expectations.

Consequently, these modern moms are still stuck choosing between two (2) flawed options:Edit

Online Marketplaces / E-CommerceEdit

  • Time-consuming search
  • No personalization
  • Pay upfront to shop - not just for the product you keep

Subscription ServicesEdit

  • Poor quality product at cheap prices
  • Inconsistent & shallow personalization
  • On their schedule, not yours


We're building the next generation of  retailEdit

We offer a flexible AI personal shopping service that meets modern moms' dynamic expectations by delivering hyper-personalized, high quality product assortments to shop at home for both seasonal and last-minute needs.

We’re introducing a new kind of luxury shopping experience that empowers moms to delegate shopping for their children to a trusted service finding the high quality products we know she’ll need and love.


Personal shopping, on your termsEdit

Thanks to our proprietary algorithms and years of amassed data, we're able to provide a more personalized, anticipatory and enjoyable shopping experience for the modern mom that results in higher average spend than other retail models.





Organic growth and sustainable scale without any major investment or advertising spend


Powerful brand partnersEdit

We've onboarded over 100+ coveted international vendors including many exclusive, limited distribution designer brands.


We are making noiseEdit

Our small team organically grew our social media following to over 40k, leading to attention from both the press and influential (+1M followers) moms.

We've been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, Popsugar, Business Insider, Modern Luxury, and more.



We built a retail experience that modern parents loveEdit



An experience that drives high customer retention and increased spendEdit



Business modelEdit

Our business model is tested and ready to scale quicklyEdit



Driven by ongoing operational improvements that have the potential to unlock additional outsized returnsEdit



Positioning ourselves to capitalize immediately on a large market opportunityEdit



Our algorithms drive higher customer spend than the competitionEdit


And our market-leading brand position creates strong barriers to entryEdit


Vision and strategyEdit

We want to become the most convenient way to find, discover, and shop the best quality products for children

And we're building the next generation of retail along the wayEdit


To accomplish this, we need to:

  • Invest in our technology infrastructure, including the re-launch of a more robust and interactive app.
  • Reach more people faster which means meeting, messaging, and serving them wherever they are.
  • Invest in an "All-Star" team to ensure "best-in-class" customer experience at scale.

Exit strategiesEdit

The Collective Child is well-positioned to hold appeal with both traditional and e-commerce retailers due the following attributes:

  • Proprietary technology
  • Recurring revenue stream
  • Valuable user base (female luxury consumer)
  • Expertise in operation model
  • Attractive fit into brand portfolio

As we scale, we will secure more leverage to dominate supply and demand within this retail model.



We've achieved $3.7M+ in revenue with less than $400K investedEdit

The Collective Child has raised a total of $395K from friends and family and—through our operational expertise—turned it into 4+ years of runway and a 2021 annual revenue of more than $1M.


Our team of highly active advisors is uniquely positioned to provide a diverse perspective within the intersection of retail, technology and finance.



A track record of unparalleled execution

Sandra Makarem.png

Sandra is a customer experience evangelist and retail expert with 15+ years of experience. Her business background includes roles at Viacom, CondeNast, and most recently Bloomingdale’s, where she launched multiple Omni-Channel verticals that generated +$40M in new sales.

Born and raised in Venezuela, she is a proud Latinx immigrant with a uniquely rich global perspective growing up in a diverse family with home bases in Venezuela, Lebanon, Egypt, Ecuador, Colombia and New York.

Sandra holds a bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated Cum Laude and with a competitive scholarship sponsored by Cotton Inc.

Sandra has been featured in Forbes, Glossy, Modern Luxury, and more.

The Collective Child TeamEdit

Sandra Makarem

Founder | CEO

Customer experience evangelist and retail expert with 15+ years of experience. Launched multiple Omni-Channel verticals that generated +$40M in sales.

Hayley Zukerberg

Fashion & Merchandising

Previously, at Vogue, Narciso Rodriguez. B.S in Design and Applied Arts, Computer Science from Connecticut College.

Kenneth Torres

Logistics & Warehouse

Previously at Amazon Prime. Managed a team of over 120 associates

Sheryl Osillo

Customer Success

Customer service evangelist with over 10+ years of experience.