The Wild Curl fights for inclusive beauty standards by empowering women to embrace their naturally curly hair. Their custom-formulated, plant-based curly hair products have changed the hair journey of 5000 customers globally, and now they are raising capital to accelerate growth.

  • 5K+ customers, 5.6K email contacts & 6K+ followers on social
  • 65-75% of women have wavy/curly/afro hair & spend 78% more on products
  • Inés Urés, Former CMO of Deliveroo and Treatwell, is a board member
  • Targeting the growing clean hair care ($8.7bn / 4.7% CAGR)


Over the years Vanessa struggled to find products for curly hair and noticed she was not alone with her frustrations. Today, around the world, women are looking to embrace their naturally curly hair, yet with limited brands catering for their needs - that’s where The Wild Curl differs.

Founded in 2017, The Wild Curl addresses the needs of curly hair types with custom proprietary formulations that are designed to enhance natural hair properties without using harsh chemicals. We carefully chose our ingredients based on research that considers the composition of curly hair. Working with cosmetic formulators and ingredient suppliers that use innovative solutions to create effective and tailor-made products.

Since launch we have achieved £100k in revenue (YTD - Nov '20 revenue £36,018 P&L -£15,147) and shipped over 5k orders to our customer’s doorsteps, worldwide. We aim to take care of the world around us, our products only use plant-based ingredients.

Due to rising awareness of chemical-free hair care, the $8.7bn natural hair segment is fueling growth in the $91B hair care market. Not to forget that over 65% of women in the world have textured hair, placing The Wild Curl in a novel fast-growing market with few players.

We are raising to expand our product range. Curly consumers spend the most each year on conditioners – so this is where we’re headed next.


Our mission is to support curl-acceptance and help curly consumers by providing the right products and knowledge for their hair type. We believe that everyone should be able to feel beautiful and confident in their natural hair and this should be encouraged by the hair care industry.

We are a team of vibrant doers full of engineers, data lovers and start-up fanatics.

Vanessa Martins Lopes - Co-Founder & CEO:

Background in engineering, neuroscience, and digital marketing, with years of personal experience of curl care. Seeing how curly hair was treated unequally by the hair care industry, she decided to take matters into her own hands and build a company devoted solely to curly hair.

Albert Abelló - Co-Founder (Part-Time):

Former Growth Director at Treatwell, Albert is our expert in marketing automation and data. Albert also has a background in engineering with previous experience building and running startups in the gaming and hospitality industry.

Laetitia Woue - Content marketing & PR (Part-Time): Experienced in communications, PR and brand building.

Inés Ures - Advisor & Board Member: Former CMO of Deliveroo and Treatwell, startup investor and advisor.

Russell Smith - Advisor: Director of Marketing at Monzo Bank, former Manager of Paid Social at TransferWise and an experienced start-up advisor.

Oriol Esteban - Advisor: Marketing advisor, former CFO and Startup enthusiast.