Threads Styling is a leading global luxury shopping platform, providing a personalised service over social media and chat-based commerce. With a team of 200+ working across 2 HQs globally, they ended 2021 with £46M in revenue. Now launching an ecommerce proposition to serve customers 360 degrees.

  • Scalable business model - low inventory risk. Ultra low return rates (<5%)
  • >80% orders via organic, scalable social content (>650K followers, 450M views)
  • Backed by Highland Europe, C Ventures. 3x part of Times TechTrack 100
  • Serving next gen customers with £2.5k AOV (vs c.£500 nearest comp)


The landscape of luxury is changing - The numbers of HNWIs in the world is quickly increasing (+41% by 2025) and Gen Z and Millennial luxury consumers will represent 45% of the luxury market in the next 10 years. Convenience and Social are the expectations of these customers, and Threads’ immediacy of text, curated advice, >650 brand partners, and great fulfilment make it a go-to-platform for next gen luxury shopping.

Threads is a social-first chat commerce platform supported by in-house technology. Threads customers are inspired by industry-leading social media content and can seamlessly open a chat with a personal shopper via Whatsapp/iMessage/WeChat, receive personalised styling tips and place an order.

After growing just under 50% even during the pandemic, where the luxury sector was badly hit, and achieving £46M in revenue in 2021 (-£9.2m EBITDA), Threads is now gearing up to expand its product offering to service its clients at 360 degrees by launching:

Ecommerce website for highly sought-after goods, to showcase new luxury emergent and established brands, allowing our customers the flexibility to choose between personal shopping or buying online

Regular Live Shopping shows on Instagram and TikTok to create more engagement for the community

Threads Connect - a platform to enable all independent personal shoppers to leverage Threads Technology when conducting their business.


Sophie Hill founded Threads Styling in 2009 after seeing that there was a new generation that wanted a different experience from luxury retailers and built Threads to become the go-to platform for social luxury commerce.

Sabrina Cannon, Chief Sales Officer, was the Senior VP of International Sales at Moda and the Deputy Director of Personal Shopping at Harrods.

Dr. Frank Qui, Chief Product & Technology Officer, oversees the technical product team. Frank is a product mentor for the Boston Product Management Association and has a long track record of working with growth businesses to develop their technical product functions.

Sophie Quy, Executive VP, Brands, has worked at both Harrods and Net A Porter prior to Threads. She's an fine jewellery expert, key to securing Threads' Gem award.

Tom Spurgeon, CFO, Cambridge alumni, long history working in corporate finance, having held CFO roles at both listed and private growth businesses.

Kate Rand, Chief People Officer. Previously Group People and Ops Director at a global product design agency, she holds several awards for her work, and was one of HR’s most influential practitioners in 2021.

Threads advisory and main board members include Bart Swanson (Zoom, Impossible Foods), Eric Archameau (Benchmark, Spotify), Tony Zappala (Highland Europe, Index Ventures), Matus Maar (Talis Capital) and Ben Cheng (C Ventures).