Plastic pollution is an urgent global crisis! Toraphene is a biodegradable, compostable & commercially-viable plastic packaging substitute that’s stronger, thinner & gives better food protection than alternatives. Torpahene aims to make plastic packaging obsolete.

  • Est. $25.4bn biodegradable packaging market by 2026 (21% growth P/A)
  • Proven MVP, staff and manufacturing-ready
  • Toraphene patent granted in UK & patents applied for in UK, EU & US
  • Production of carrier bags & food/drinks containers to be prioritised


Plastic waste is an undeniable, global environmental crisis. Many plastic alternatives exist but often biodegrade only under specific man-made conditions, tear easily, shorten food shelf-life & can’t be produced economically at scale.

Toraphene™ is naturally compostable & biodegradable without human intervention, even in the ocean. Developed using breakthrough graphene technology, we believe it is stronger, thinner, & less permeable than alternatives, improving food safety & shelf life, & is an economically-viable alternative to plastics.

We’ve tested our MVP against plastics, & our patented solution presents an entry barrier to competitors.

We focus first on carrier bags and food & drink containers, which are 23% of marine waste. We rent production equipment from plastic bag manufacturers & are in talks with retailers & packaging users. Our low overhead manufacturing model plugs into existing supply chains, making global implementation easy. Funding will fuel the rollout of Toraphene™ & the piloting & launch of new products.

Due to government bans on plastics & rising environmental awareness amongst consumers, the $4.7bn global biodegradable packaging market (2019) could hit an est. $25.4bn by 2026 (21% growth p.a.)

With much activity in this huge market, we need to act fast. Help us make Toraphene™ accessible to companies worldwide & make plastic packaging obsolete.


Gaute Juliussen, Founder & CEO

VC & Associate Professor of Business with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the Univ. of California Santa Barbara, & an MBA from Columbia University

Daniel Gallaher, Co-founder & CCO (part time)

Daniel began his career as external M&A/corporate lawyer, but after completing an MBA at Cambridge University he moved into operational roles within various companies. He has worked as COO of Cambridge Energy Partners.

Daniel is responsible for Toraphene’s legal, transactional & investor relations.

Court England, CBO (part time)

Court was the Segment Leader, Education, with Zoom Video Comm. 2017-19 & their Sales Manager, Healthcare in 2014-17. He previously employed at Citrix.

Richard Parker, Head of Logistics & Production, (part time)

Unilever packaging manufacturing and supply-chain-management on regional and global levels. Former Head of Sustainable Packaging at Iceland Foods & Head of Packaging, United Biscuits. BSc C.Eng. from Aston University.