Tred is the UK’s first green debit card that lets you track, reduce and offset your carbon footprint as you spend, and plants trees with profits. Backed by Nutmeg’s Co-Founder, and with waiting list growth of 122% in 2021, they’re crowdfunding to launch their green debit card to the public.

  • Waiting list growth of 122% to 2,200 in 2021, half coming from referrals
  • Featured in the Evening Standard, won EPA Fintech Pitch live award
  • Industry figures investing in this round, including Nutmeg Co-Founder
  • Targeting the 1 in 2 UK people who want to spend more responsibly


Everything we buy has an environmental cost, from a daily coffee to the weekly food shop.

But of the 97 million debit cards in the UK, we believe not one of them helps people spend more sustainably. Despite the fact that 1 in 2 want to make more socially responsible decisions with their money.

That’s why we’re launching Tred, the only UK green debit card that helps you spend more sustainably.

Tred tracks your carbon footprint, helps you reduce your impact, and gives you a simple way to offset the rest. And every time you spend, you will help us plant trees: our profits fund reforestation projects, not fossil fuels.

We’re aiming to capture a growing market. The challenger FinTech market (projected £365bn size by 2027) is lacking sustainable options: as many people are searching ‘green bank’ in the UK as are searching ‘mobile bank’.

We launched our alpha app in late 2020 with strong results:

-Received coverage in the Evening Standard

-Won Pay360 2021 Fintech Pitch Live

-Expert industry investors investing in this round including Nutmeg’s Co-Founder

-Drove 122% waiting list growth in 2021

Now we’re ready to take the next step.

Your investment will help us launch the Tred card to the public, then roll out more features, like a personalised carbon coach and green investing.

We hope you’ll join us in building a more climate-positive future.


Tred was created when co-founders Will and Peter realised they kept asking themselves the same questions: how am I personally contributing to climate change? And what’s the best way for me to make a positive difference?

In 2020, with more people than ever questioning their impact on the world, they decided to build a product that would offer a solution.

They’ve built a team with expertise in financial services, consumer marketing and behaviour change, all united by their ambition to create a positive influence on the planet through their work.

Will Smith, Founder

Has advised on behavioural change in FTSE 100 companies, and operations at a £50m start-up.

Peter Kirby, Founder

Led the tech development of the UK’s COVID-19 shielding programme, and revolutionised buying in a £5bn clothing brand (as a consultant).

David Craven, Banking (will become full time after round)

Headed the business development arm at a company that has delivered B2B and B2C card programmes for 15 years.

Chris Russell, Technology (part time)

Has been working in banking security, architecture and technology since 1998.

Eleanor Metcalf, Marketing

As a consultant, led the brand strategy for a UK high-street bank, and has developed marketing for B2C tech product launches.