Trending Travel has created a booking platform that uses influencer marketing to turn 'likes' into bookings. With 235k+ followers they are one of Europe's most-followed travel companies on Instagram. Funding will be used for key hires and vastly improving our customer UX.

  • 235k + followers on social media, 175m+ impressions of our content
  • UK Holiday market value £30 billion+ , potential UK consumers 30million+
  • Collaborations with Nicole Scherzinger, Amanda Holden and many others
  • Revenue generated via travel bookings and media sales


Social media is a trillion pound industry. We aim to harness the power of social media by turning likes, follows and engagement into holiday bookings by collaborating with influencers, celebrities, and content creators.

We believe travel marketing is filled with bland and uninspiring content, failing to create a compelling call to action. Our research indicates that Hotels, airlines and destinations struggle to track ROI on influencer activity.

Our solution offers trackable campaigns, verified statistics, and valuable data analysis.

Since launching in Feb. '20, we have made £2.5m travel bookings (£763k Revenue, -£329k loss in FY '21), we won Travolution ‘Campaign of the Year 2021’ and have been nominated for Travel Globes 2022 best ‘Innovation in Travel'.

Our goal is to develop a strategy to increase media sales through the promotion of hotels, airlines & destinations. We believe these areas are receptive to influencer marketing and our demographic of 18-40 year social media consumers..

We also aim to create influencer ambassador roles, allowing us to grow a following around key demographics to help build brand loyalty.

We are crowdfunding to invest into key roles - marketing, sales and UX technology aimed at finessing the online booking process & help achieve our goals.


Our founders created a vision & then found like-minded individuals to create Trending Travels strategy

Keith Herman CEO (Founder)

Many years in travel industry his knowledge base and network are far-reaching. Full understanding of B2C market plus the use of travel technology is his key strength. His product knowledge sits alongside this bringing key decision-makers to the table. Never afraid to make a decision with experience of upscaling travel businesses.

Sophie Foster Director (Founder)

Hotel expert in a B2B & B2C background. Drives the product offering. Spent her career negotiating rates & offers as the supplier having worked for some of the largest hotel groups in the world such as Accor and One & Only.

Suzy Kilshaw (Influencer Director)

Suzy has personal connections throughout the celebrity worldthat matter when looking after a key ingredient in our recipe. She is the perfect conduit between the social and travel mix.

Ollie Kilshaw (Creative Director)

Dedicated his career to understanding and creating expansive social media campaigns in the fast fashion and events industry. This gives Trending Travel a unique perspective when applying the same principals to the Travel industry.

Matthew Parker (Director, Part-time)

Substantial experience in up-scaling businesses and with an exemplary track record and knowledge of mergers & acquisitions.