Poor customer service costs UK companies an estimated £37 billion/yr. TrustPortal is a digital, automation & AI platform helping global clients such as Telefonica & EDF to deliver advanced customer service by augmenting existing IT systems. TrustPortal has grown from £170k rev to £1.65m in 2 years.

  • We've already grown from £170k to £1.65m in 2 years
  • Used by global clients such as Telefonica, EDF, MetLife, Fidelity
  • Supports key COVID needs - home-working, digital services, automation
  • Major IT names sell our tech - IBM, Accenture, Blue Prism and 10 more


TrustPortal has a big goal - we want every company to provide an excellent customer experience.

Analysts describe how companies with great customer experiences ("CX") have revenue growth 30% more than others, and 69% of companies see improving CX as critical/very important.

And COVID-19 has shown the need for digital services and home-working.

Yet, how often have you:

  • phoned a company and been put on hold for ages?
  • been directed to a confusing and ultimately useless company website?
  • waited days for simple requests to be dealt with?

We don't think this has to happen!

The Number 1 issue affecting CX is limitations in companies' current IT, that can cause poor productivity and unhappy staff.

But TrustPortal combines leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Digital and AI tech to create new experiences - working with legacy IT systems.

In 3 years we've helped 20 clients incl. Telefonica, EDF, MetLife and Fidelity.

And IBM, Accenture & 10 other big IT companies resell and deliver TrustPortal projects.

And now the market-leading RPA vendor, Blue Prism, resells TrustPortal too.

We've grown from £170k to £1.65m (profit of £177k) in 2 years, but we’ve just started:

  • The RPA industry is the fastest growing enterprise IT sector, with growth of >60% for last two years.
  • The RPA software market was $1.4bn in 2020, predicted to be $19bn by 2027.

So invest to create great new customer experiences!


Chris Lamberton (CEO):

Chris was a tech leader in big IT companies such as IBM, Accenture and Capgemini, and a partner at Deloitte and EY.

Whilst working at EY he worked with a number of their largest Financial Services clients, including Lloyds Bank, HSBC and Zurich. Doing TrustPortal projects at EY, he saw what it could do - realising it was the 'missing link' to transform so many companies.

So, he left EY, bought into the company, sold his house and now is the majority shareholder - he's 'all in' !

Dave Linten (CTO):

Dave had been fusing old and new technology for over a decade, as well as a focus on highly secure services- perfect for TrustPortal. A physicist by training, and a certified scrum master, he has worked as a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead for Mainframe management solutions. Dave has also worked for Orchestria (part of Computer Associates), creating leading edge secure services and was the CTO for Secure Secure that won an EU award for "Disruptive Cybersecurity".

Michelle Sims (Head of Operations):

Michell has worked at PwC and Deloitte, and was a Programme Manager for Dixons.

She saw how difficult it was for even large companies to turn themselves around, and deliver great service

So she's really proud that TrustPortal can deliver such great help for staff and customers, and the impact it has with major companies!