URocked aims to empower workers to increase their earnings, reward customers for their tips and reduce admin all around for businesses. URocked’s ethical service platform aims to change the tipping culture; which will allow cashless tipping to Workers from any industry, anywhere - even remotely.

  • Transparency for tippers/recipients, digital wallet
  • A percentage of each transaction fee will go to The Trussell Trust
  • Aims to give workers 'behind the scenes' visibility/access to tips
  • Gives Workers access to a tipping market worth £5.2bn in 2020


URocked knows tips make a big difference in wages, especially in the hospitality and beauty sectors, but we want to make it so all Workers can be tipped, the drivers, the warehouse workers, everyone behind the scenes.

Saying thanks, with URocked, can be the new normal in any market sector, not just the established ones where the value of tips there is est £5.2Bn in the UK alone.

Our solution is to innovate the concept of tipping to suit the needs of the 21st century. We are developing a service platform where any worker in any industry, anywhere, can receive cashless gratuities into their account as a thank you for doing a great job! A tip can be sent via our app in 10 seconds, with confidence that 100% of it is reaching its intended recipient, at no cost to them.

We see URocked as an employment tool, not just a finance app;

  • Use one account for multiple jobs

Businesses & venue owners can promote URocked as their ethical cashless tipping system;

  • Eliminating the costs and administration of distributing tips
  • Creating a clear and transparent audit trail
  • Aiming to improve customer service by empowering their staff at no cost to the company

With every transaction, 20p of the customer service charge will go to The Trussell Trust to help aid our mission of ending world hunger.

Join the team at URocked in saying thanks!


David Dillon, Founder & CEO

Experience in digital marketing, helping start-ups/companies in their infancy grow. Responsible for co-branded national partnership agreements with the likes of Trinity Mirror (

James Richardson, Finance - Advisor (PT)

Strategic CFO, developing international businesses. Worked across a variety of international, digital, regulated businesses, including William Hill, GlobalPayments and HSBC.

Victoria Smallman, Compliance - Advisor (PT)

Risk and compliance expert. Held roles at the FCA, currently at CAPITA as bids, acquisitions and project manager.

Joe Walton, PR - Consultant (PT)

Managing Partner at Fight or Flight, experience in creating and executing comms programmes for enterprises like Microsoft, Capgemini and IBM,

Scott McCree, Business Growth New Markets - Advisor (PT)

Lead various companies in Financial regulated businesses in the US, Canada & UK. Experienced in both retail and FCA regulated financial services, with successful finance, operations and business leadership roles in multiple countries.

Kate Melsom, Chief Brand Officer

Branding and Marketing creative lead, working with retail, finance, education and charity sectors.