Vastmindz AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a technology company that provides a SaaS (“Software As A Service”) that can determine physiological insights remotely.

About us[1]Edit

Vastmindz aims to transform standard consumer technology devices into a comprehensive non-invasive health & wellness tool using artificial intelligence and signal processing. Its technology, has the opportunity to positively impact lives, by empowering them to better understand their health state.

With the rise of health care costs, there’s never been a more important time to be proactive about managing your health. Its technology allows industries like Insurance companies and telemedicine providers to integrate into their applications to help lower the cost of healthcare but also puts you in control of managing your own health.

The Problem Vastmindz Solves[1]Edit

Remotely monitoring physiological signs is an integral component to improving health & wellness, however there is no easy way to do this. Until now. The global telemedicine market has seen a massive increase in demand and expected to be a $390 billion market by 2027.

By analyzing a video feed of an individual’s face, Vastmindz is able to extract various physiological parameters in less than 60 seconds remotely. Allowing telemedicine providers to add significant features to their offerings. Its AI based health monitoring system uses proprietary technology and works on any device with an embedded camera, delivering a powerful solution for remote monitoring of vital signs.

The Solution[1]Edit

Vastmindz enhances camera sensors to remotely measure physiological signs using proprietary AI. Its solution is able to remotely extract this data from a face using signal processing and AI.

Its solution captures health & wellness data in the most accessible way, allowing organisations to understand trends. These trends can be used to form health trajectories and provide insights as to when to take preventative action.

Financial projections[1]Edit

Vastmindz already has customers who are using its services and its projections for the next five years show how it expects to be a high-growth SaaS business with annual recurring revenues (ARR) of ~$160M by FY25.

Vastmindz's first few years represents cautious growth whilst it awaits regulatory approval. Once the company achieves this approval, it expects the rate of customer acquisition and the use cases for different markets will increase significantly with rapid adoption in different industries globally.

Market Opportunity[1]Edit

The market opportunity for its solution crosses many industries including telemedicine, which is projected to be a $390 billion market by 2027, health/life insurance which is projected to be $3 trillion by 2028 and other related health & wellness industries. The animal health & wellness industry is currently $46 billion and expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. According to McKinsey, the global wellness market is currently estimated at $1.5 trillon and is expected to experience annual growth in high single-digit % (read more).

Its initial focus is to address key industries that can immediately benefit from capturing physiological signs from their users remotely. Its use cases are increasing over time and with the introduction of its animal health solution, this will expand its total addressable market even further.

The Team[1]Edit

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nikhil founded Vastmindz following an algorithmic trading background in some leading global Banks, and then decided to apply innovative data science methodologies to the field of healthcare. He is the CEO and currently leads the research science team at Vastmindz, utilising the latest methods in computer vision and biomedical signal processing to build Vastmindz’s product portfolio.

Chief Strategy Advisor

Sundeep is an independent NED for one of India’s largest banks and is a trustee with the charity, 15 billion-EBP. He has previously held several senior positions within Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays, working both domestically in the UK as well as internationally. Sundeep actively engages as a mentor with Virgin start-ups, supporting young and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Stephen Mackinnon is one of London’s leading haematologists. He leads the bone marrow and stem cell program at UCL and specialises in leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and stem cell transportation. The results of his research have led to world-class patient outcomes and he has been widely recognised in many peer-reviewed journals.

Chief Technology Officer

Raj Sharma has over 10+ years of experience with working with cutting-edge technology across robotics, artificial intelligence & cybersecurity and is responsible for ensuring that Vastmindz’s technology stack is scalable and secure. Raj also is a guest speaker at the University of Oxford and has authored courses on artificial intelligence for the institution.

Chief Research Scientist

Following a PhD in Radiophysics, Pavlo Vyplavin has spent over 15 years working as a scientific researcher, working with noise radars, signal processing, SAR imaging, SAR interferometry, phased array antennas and pulsed doppler radars. He now works to develop innovative biomedical solutions for Vastmindz’s product portfolio.

Chief Clinical Advisor

Professor Melvin Lobo is a Consultant Cardiovascular Physician and Director of the Bart’s Blood Pressure Clinic and the William Harvey Research Institute. He has a specialist interest in blood pressure disorders of all types, PoTS and autonomic control of the circulation. He is an accredited Clinical Hypertension Specialist of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and British Hypertension Society.

Research Scientist

Luis Felipe De Deus is an expert in biomedical engineering and has developed several innovative methodologies in the field of non-invasive biometric monitoring. Luis also leads research efforts at Vastmindz with external academic collaborators.

Scientific Board Advisor

Miss Carol Cunnigham recently retired from Moorfields Eye Hospital and private practice as a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon after 24 years. She performed several types of highly specialised eye-surgery. She graduated from Columbia University and New York University Medical School and participated and published in neuroanatomy research at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Software Architect Lead

Kostya Shpachenko has several years of experience with building highly scalable infrastructure to optimise the operation of computationally intense solutions. Kostya leads Vastmindz’s DevOps team, operating and scaling Vastmindz’s cloud infrastructure to serve clients as seamlessly as possible.

Use Of Proceeds[1]Edit

If the offering’s maximum allocation of $10,000,000 is raised, Vastmindz aims to use the proceeds to help the business grow dramatically.

Vastmindz already has a product, it already has customers and it is seeking to invest in key areas like regulatory approvals (which are in progress) and to invest in building out its sales initiatives. Vastmindz continues to invest in R&D and seeking to additionally resource its development teams so that it can get innovative solutions to market with velocity. All of its infrastructure is based in the cloud and as the company scales and take on more customers, its cloud spend will increase and hence an additional element of funding will be used for that purpose.

Key Terms

Vastmindz AI Ltd, a limited company organized under the laws of England and Wales (“the Portfolio Company”) has sponsored the formation of a newly formed Delaware limited liability company Vastmindz Investments Holdings LLC (‘the Fund”).

The Fund has been formed for the sole purpose of purchasing unregistered ordinary shares of Vastmindz (“Portfolio Company Securities”). The Portfolio Company Securities will be acquired by the Fund directly in a private placement conducted by Vastmindz in accordance with Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 (the “Private Placement”) .

The Fund is offering, through its private placement memorandum, its limited liability company interests (the “Interests”) on a private placement basis to investors who satisfy the eligibility standards described in this private placement memorandum. Persons whose subscriptions are accepted by the Fund will be admitted as members of the Fund (“Members”). Each Interest includes the right of that Member to all benefits to which a Member may be entitled pursuant to the Operating Agreement and under applicable law, together with all obligations of the Member to comply with the terms and provisions of the Operating Agreement and applicable law.


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References and notesEdit

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