Velca believes in a future free of noise & pollution, where we move using accessible & sustainable vehicles. With 250+ scooters sold, their estimates indicate that Velca has saved 1.4m kg of CO2 through use of their zero-carbon vehicles & partnerships secured with the likes of Estrella Galicia. They're now raising to accelerate growth.

  • 250+ vehicles delivered
  • Partnerships with Estrella Galicia, Michelin and Samsung as our battery supplier.
  • 15 points of sale across key Spanish markets
  • 55K+ followers on Instagram


Velca is committed to a healthier environment & making new electronic mobility solutions available to all. Our aim is to ultimately change the way people travel around cities.

At our core, we’re a team of electric mobility fans who've pooled our expertise to drive forward our new mobility vision - Velca.

We’ve developed a range of electric scooters with zero emissions, that make limited noise, and that can be delivered anywhere in Spain and selected locations in Europe. 250+ sold to date.

All of our scooters have swappable batteries that can be charged using any plug, in less that 5.5 hours. Our connectivity system, powered by Komobi, will notify you if you need repairs, if the vehicle is moving without your consent, plus give insight on the efficiency of your ride.

This year we launched our Velca Tramontana S, produced in Spain, and have secured partnerships with the likes of Estrella Galicia and Michelin. We’ve created a large community of repair shops outside of Madrid, powered by Onneu, who provide post-sale support to all our customers across Spain with 200+ centres.

The sector is growing fast in Spain, electric scooter sales grew 794% to 16k units between 2016-2020. European environmental regulations, government aid and changing mindsets are increasing interest in zero-emission vehicles.

We're offering you the opportunity to invest and support a mission for a greener future.


The Velca founding team started at Voi - European leading scooter sharing company - The team includes:

Emilio Froján - Founder & CEO: Former Head of Vehicle Ops at Voi, Emilio developed his career in social innovation and sustainable mobility working at the likes of Impact Hub or AIESEC.

Jose Manuel Campillo - Co-Founder & CMO: Former Production Team Manager at Voi in Spain and Portugal, he was also awarded a scholarship to study in Chicago.

Sergio Soler - Co-Founder & Head of Product: Former Repair Manager at Voi in Spain and currently responsible for Velca’s brand. Sergio previously founded his own brand agency after studying Arts and Design.

Marta Soler - Co-Founder & Head of Sales: Marta is a multitasker, a psychologist with experience as inventory expert at Voi

David Cepeda - Co-Founder & Head of Logistics & Vehicle Ops: An engineer with experience as senior logistics operations at Voi.

César Flores - Head of Supply Chain: Former Supply Chain manager at Voi in Spain, responsible for production, inventory and quality assurance.

Guillermo García (Part-time) - Vehicle Technology Manager: Guillermo takes care of everything ‘technology’ for Velca, whilst also studying Electrical Engineering and attending an App Developing Bootcamp.