VoiceSage is a CPaaS communication and Fintech platform, and technology company. Working with blue-chip clients, including Very, SSE, PayPal, Nationwide and Capital One, they have generated €5.8m turnover (Y/E Jun 2021). VoiceSage are raising funds to accelerate growth in the UK and Europe.

  • >40 clients: incl. Zurich, AxA, Thames Water, and Express Gifts
  • CPaaS market is forecast to grow from $4.5bn in 2020 to $26bn in 2026
  • Strong IP: invested circa £17.5m in R&D since 2003
  • Partner with Vonage, a NASDAQ listed leader in cloud communication


Effective communication is becoming ever more critical for businesses. Research shows that customers want personalised communication as well as a control over the channel through which they receive said communication.

Traditionally, it is costly and complicated to integrate real-time communication (e.g. WhatsApp, text messages, phone calls) onto websites and apps. But communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) provides a complete framework through API and removes the need for companies to build their backend infrastructure and interface.

VoiceSage offers companies a cloud-based platform to add SMS, rich media messaging, voice, social & email channels into their business processes.

We have spent years developing our technology and believe it is better than our competitors. We have put in place a partnership with a payment gateway provider, giving us a portion of transfer & other fees from the increasing volume of payments we process, helping increase revenue. In our Fiscal Year to June 2021 we generated Sales of €5,75m with a Net Profit of €273k.

With a track record of working with and adding value to our blue-chip clients, we believe this is the right time for us to expand.

The CPaaS market is poised for 470% growth in the next six years; this funding round will enable us to invest in marketing and sales to strengthen our market share in the UK and expand into the European market.


James J. Kett, Founder and CEO

Founded in 2003, ‘JJ’ has overseen the creation of the company’s leading suite of communication products. Before that, he was the Director-General at the University College Cork for 23 years.

Paul Cogan, COO

Paul has been with Voicesage since 2016; he is responsible for overseeing the operations and implementing partner sales.

Glenn Sweeney, CIO

Glenn is a very experienced software development professional. He has worked atBlue Lake, and Mentec International.

Wayne Rooney, Financial Controller

Wayne is an experienced Financial Controller with over 12 years of experience in Finance and Management. In addition, he holds a first-class honours degree in business and accounting.

Matthew Weil, Head of Product

Matt is responsible for developing software products designed to meet real customer needs.

Lee Trenam, Head of Sales

Lee heads up the sales team responsible for client relationships and sales generation.

Terry Statham, Head of Customer Services

Terry has years of experience in providing IT solutions in diverse, complex and multi-site customer support environments.