WOOM is a data driven app that empowers women to maximize chances of pregnancy. Today, 17 to 20% of couples experience challenges with fertility. WOOM has 350,000 users in less than 20 months. Users receive support through an engaged community, a chat with doctors and a platform of services.

  • Backed by Venture Capital firms and Angels from USA and Europe
  • Mentored by Google residency, partnerships with Bupa, and 20+ clinics
  • xGoogle and eBay digital team with 30+ years experience in Tech
  • 350,000 users from LatAm and Spain in less than 20 months


Fertility issues are becoming a common problem, further enhanced by women delaying motherhood. Today 17% in LATAM to 20% of couples in Europe are suffering a challenge on fertility. When you go through this, you feel lonely, guilty, it’s your biggest worry and you don’t know who to talk to. WOOM is a bespoke app that empowers women to maximize chances to be pregnant, gain time and eventually have kids faster; either through natural conception or in case it is necessary, see a doctor.

WOOM collect women’s lifestyle and cycle data that WOOM’s engine uses to serve very specific recommendations and tips that educate women's about their body and cycles. It’s an easy, unique and most important, personal experience. Besides the personal recommendations, WOOM calculates daily chances of pregnancy, cycles calendar; and users receive support through an engaged community and fertility services platform.

Fertility is a large market ($20B) that grows at 9% per year. WOOM is a recognised player in the FemTech space in our current markets, and the vision is to be a leader in women's health & intimacy.

On technology, WOOM has a strong focus on data science, moving into statistical engine, AI and eventually machine learning.

WOOM launched 20 months ago, has 350,000 registered users, over 82,000 Monthly active users and a vibrant community of 40,000 users.

There are government loans in the business.


We believe having kids should be easier. Both founders faced a challenge with fertility and suffered through it. This is why they created WOOM, to help create families.

WOOM has a strong digital team with international experience in US, UK, Spain and LATAM. The team worked together at Google and eBay, which cumulates to over 30 years of experience in Tech. They are advised and mentored by a respected doctor within the fertility fieldand technologists with data science and AI background from Google Residency, a 6 months mentoring program for which WOOM has been selected.

Laurence Fontinoy - CEO and co-founder has over two decades of experience at leading teams and large projects launches in marketing and branding at Google & eBay. She has three young children.

Clelia Morales - COO and co-founder also with several years of experience in Tech. She ramped up business units and infrastructures in communication, social media and marketing at eBay Europe. She has two children.

Enrique Martínez - CCO & CMO has a business development and general management backgrounds came to WOOM to monetize the platform.

We are based in Madrid, the team has technical, user experience, product, community and content backgrounds.