In 2022, capital raising and venture investment is a frustrating, fragmented, manual and inefficient process for both Founders, Investors and Industry. Time, money and opportunity cost are consistently wasted in the process.

Wholesale Investor for the last 13 years, with offices in Sydney, Perth and London is a leading global platform for emerging growth companies and high net worth investors. With over 31,300 subscribers, WI has created a rare, active 3-sided marketplace and SaaS offering (CRIISP™) for a global ecosystem. CRIISP™ (Capital Raising Intelligent Investment Secondary Platform), is an end-to-end, platform providing AI-Driven matchmaking, secondary sales, deal discovery, intelligence and simplified venture investment.

Our product road map includes Digital Investment Banking products like deal syndication, bookbuilds, IPOs, Corporate Advisory tools and Whitelabel offerings.

  • Established fintech with a rare 3-sided marketplace (across multiple countries) with over 12 years of proven track record. Clients include 3 top-performing Fund Managers, 10 Unicorns (achieved) and 65 Exits via (IPO and M&A).
  • Clients range from International and Local Governments, Venture Capital Funds, ASX Listed Companies, Pre-IPO, and Innovative Private companies. Sector agnostic.
  • Shareholders include Investec, BMYG, and INP Capital. Other private investors’ backgrounds range from Private Equity, Investment Banking, Funds Management, Corporate Finance, Wealth Management, and Venture Capital, spanning across 5 countries.
  • Experienced Board and Management. Between them, they 2 have Listed companies on the ASX and TSX, Founded a Neo Bank, and Invested in over 50+ technology companies. Significant experience in capital raising, acquisitions, and exits.
  • Proven end to end virtual and digital solution for the promotion and facilitation of capital raising and investment.
  • Over 30% of revenue generated from international clients.

Problem and SolutionEdit



Capital raising and venture investment in 2021 is a frustrating, fragmented and inefficient process for both Founders, Investors and Industry, with time, money and opportunity cost consistently wasted on the process.

  • Investor attraction and discovery is endlessly frustrating for companies and advisors.
  • Money and time are consistently wasted because of fragmented processes: no integration of software, no understanding of best practices.
  • Online platforms charging 6-8% for capital raising for an introduction, meaning they are competing with the ecosystem, not enabling it.


AI DRIVEN CAPITAL RAISING AND DIGITAL INVESTMENT BANKING - Capital Raising Intelligent Investment Secondary Platform

  • COMPANIES: Improved efficiency allows companies to raise capital in less time, whilst saving time and money and not taking them out of their business
  • INVESTORS: Allows investors to save time and come to a faster yes or no
  • INDUSTRY: Save time, streamlined processes, improve efficiency, access to analytics and ability to make more money, by working on more opportunities.
  • ANALYTICS: Predictive insights from the data
  • NETWORKS: Options to access and match directly with relevant networks
  • BANDWIDTH: Additional transaction capacity

Current Shareholders & InvestorsEdit

  • Shareholders in Wholesale Investor include Investec, BMYG and Uni Innovate
  • Private investors who have participated have backgrounds ranging from Investment Banking, Funds Management, Corporate Finance, Wealth Management, and Venture Capital
  • Current investors are across 5 different countries, understanding the challenge is a global one

Current & Future ProjectsEdit


  • AI-Driven Capital Raising
  • Integration of the existing WI database with CRIISP
  • Ability to host Conferences, Webinars and Meetings in the platform
  • Deal syndication
  • Bookbuilds
  • Enterprise - White labeling solution
  • Corporate advisor tools

The future developments of CRIISP are focused around providing the tools which facilitate traditional Corporate Finance and Investment Banking style processes. By providing these features, the ecosystem will be provided with access to the tools, analytics, networks, and bandwidth to expand their potential

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