WiseAlpha aims to be a leading digital corporate bond market for retail investors. Our fractional bond market allows investors to access the bond markets and get exposure to bonds from the UK's largest companies without requiring millions of pounds to build a diversified portfolio.

  • Widened our selection of bonds to approx. 120
  • We aim to establish partnerships and we've received equity interest from global banks
  • Released platform enhancements and beta of App
  • Increased our share price by 143% since Dec. 2018


WiseAlpha aims to be a world-first digital fixed income market (

Investors can now access individual investment grade, senior secured and high-yield investments in the multi-trillion pound institutional bond market without needing £100k-£200k per single investment. We strive to aid the liberalisation and digitisation of the corporate debt markets which, we believe, despite being one of the biggest financial segments is vastly under-served by the Fintech community.

Institutional bonds differ to 'retail corporate bonds' issued via the London Orb which, in our view, are less attractive with lower interest yields and longer maturities.


Founding Partner and CEO - Rezaah Ahmad

Began in M&A and Leveraged Finance at Deutsche Bank before working in the fund industry investing in all types of credit and equity. Board Director and Strategic Advisor to TeleColumbus, a German cable television business. Studied Economics at the University of Cambridge.

COO - Tom Macura

10 year career at Goldman Sachs becoming head of Europe Credit Trading Strategies. Responsible for mathematical models used for managing market, counterparty, and liquidity risks as well as algorithmic quoting of bonds on electronic liquidity venues. PhD Computer Science from University of Cambridge and dual BS degrees in Math and Computer Science from University of Maryland (UMBC).

CTO - Aidan Hamade

6 years as Development Manager and Solutions Architect, building custom applications for multinationals e.g. HSBC and Deutsche Bank. Founded digital agency, Guerilla Software, working with Google Ideas and Shine Group to design and create web platforms. Mathematics with Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh, graduated top of his class.

In our opinion, the fixed income capital markets has been one of the slowest to move online and create wide investor access. We're passionate about creating a fairer investment world and give as many investors as possible the opportunity to learn and access the biggest and best investments.