Yuup is a marketplace for local experiences. In Bristol, since January 2021 we have sold 17.5k experiences, for 240 experienced hosts. Now we’re on a mission to bring Yuup to more cities - creating memories for customers nationwide, and revenue for 10,000s of businesses.

  • Genuine impact - £400k revenue for 240 local businesses since January 2021
  • A £53bn market in the UK alone, plan to launch in more cities over the next 5 years
  • Over 1,200 ‘recommend to a friend’ customer reviews, 23% repeat purchase
  • Proven team with track record of successful exits exceeding £70m


Yuup is an idea whose time has come. Consumers are increasingly valuing experiences over the accumulation of more stuff. Businesses are looking for new revenue streams. And policy makers have pledged to help communities build back better.

We founded Yuup to help people find and book things to do in their community – and as a result, to help local businesses earn money and find new customers. In Bristol, since January 2021, and despite lockdowns and Covid, we have sold 17,500 in-person experiences and generated more than £400k for local businesses (GMV).

We make it easy for hosts to set up and sell experiences. For some, experiences are their main business. For others, it’s a new source of income. We also enable individuals to become hosts, creating a way for them to share their passion and make money from their expertise. And for customers, we make it easy to find and book a diverse and ever-changing collection of experiences.

Recreation is part of a £53bn market in the UK, and a market worth over $1 Trillion Globally. While brands like OpenTable (restaurants) and Hussle (gyms) have built scale in specific verticals, we feel there is an opportunity in the local experiences space.

Our proven and proprietary technology platform, as well as our experienced team are ready to take Yuup to more cities. We’d love you to join us.


Dominic Mills, CEO

An experienced entrepreneur with two successful exits behind him. The inspiration for Yuup came when Dominic was looking to treat his wife. After becoming frustrated at how hard it was for him to find and book an original experience, he did something about it.

Anna Kissin, CFO

After earning a Yale degree &Wharton MBA, Anna moved to the UK to set up media businesses. She has overseen multiple rounds of investment and a sale to a NASDAQ100 listed global corporation.

Gemma Menear, Marketing Manager

Successfully built and nurtured Yuup's 22,000-strong Bristol community.

Cameron Duncan, Operations Manager

Overseen 17,500 bookings and counting, with 95% of customers saying they would recommend to a friend.

James Freedman, Chair

An investor with 25 years’ experience in digital, having founded, grown and ultimately sold digital agency Zone.

Jonathan Simmons, Director and Advisor

Entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience, has led teams delivering digital transformation and community programmes for organisations including BMW, Tesco and Shelter.

Marc Parnell, Advisor

Oversees the Yuup platform, including a real-time data insights dashboard. 20 years in senior management roles including as a technology consultant.

Jon Davie, Advisor

Brand specialist who held senior roles at, London2012 and Zone.

Holly Clarke, Advisor

Previously UK & Ireland Country Manager at AirBnB.