Zump has designed a social network for property. Think LinkedIn/Instagram for Real Estate. Aiming to disrupt a frustrating and outdated £68bn (UK) market, by removing barriers and connecting owners, buyers and professionals in one network to create more opportunity for people to find homes they love.

  • UK real estate market - annual £68bn revenue
  • Publicly tested app available in Bristol
  • 3.5k downloads. Multiple businesses and professionals ready to join
  • Previous investment of £750k from Family office & Angel investors


Finding the right home has never been more difficult, with many owners not wanting the hassle and commitment of putting their own property on the market until they do. Rightmove received a record 65m leads in '21, but with only 250k properties on the market, an outdated industry full of barriers is blocking supply and frustrating demand.

With tech savvy millennial's one of the dominant home buying generations, social media is becoming a priority for agents spending more on online marketing. Demand for easier, more efficient ways to connect around property has never been stronger.

Zump has been designed to:

  • Create a profile for your home, as you would a professional/social profile on LinkedIn/Instagram. Get ideas & inspiration, test the market and see who's interested without committing, or find professionals to help sell, plan a move or improve your home
  • Use powerful search features to find and connect with homes you love in a new way
  • And for the pro's, create a profile, post & share content, grow your following and reach more customers

With a publicly tested app now out of Beta, this investment will be used to formally launch in Bristol, begin building the professional network and start to generate revenue.

A post Covid world and trends driven by millennial's have created a perfect storm. Zump will give people a new way to stay connected, informed and inspired around property.


Danny & Jamie Gray - Zump’s founding brothers. Both have worked in the property industry for over 10 years. Starting Zump having experienced the frustrations of the industry from all angles. Having founded and grown multiple companies in the property sector they have the operational experience and key industry knowledge to understand the problems and work to execute the considered solution.

Vito Meznaric - Zump’s CTO. With Zump since the beginning and actively coding for many years including professionally. During that time he has founded a consultancy company and worked on numerous tech projects that increased his experience as a developer and product lead. Zump contracts a team of 4 full stack developers, giving the company a strong development infrastructure and allowing us to plan and iterate at speed.

Harry Felton - Marketing Director at Zump. Over his years in the industry Harry has worked with companies such as Deliveroo and Voucher cloud, as well as founding his own marketing agency. With a focus on growth and retention campaigns, at Deliveroo, Harry created large regional campaigns made up of ATL, CRM, PR, and student ambassadors. While at Voucher Cloud and his own company, he worked with brands to find new, untested channels to improve performance. Harry brings an analytical and technical skill set well suited to finding the necessary growth levers to take Zump forward.